Microsoft Opens Windows 7 Restaurant in Taiwan

When Windows 7 launched, the Windows 7 Whopper selling in Japanese Burger King locations made headlines the world over. Similar to the way a lot of fast food chains capitalize on the launches of highly anticipated Hollywood blockbusters, Burger King was taking advantage of all the Windows 7 hype. With seven patties, it was definitely deserving of the Whopper brand but the limited edition burger was soon off the menu.

Those of you still mourning the loss of the Windows 7 Whopper can console yourselves with this new Windows 7 restaurant in Taiwan. Open just in time for the annual techgeek invasion that is Computex, Microsoft Taiwan is said to have worked with a famous seafood restaurant to come up with seven dishes featuring Windows 7. Available for just two months, Micgadget reports that you can only get a taste of one NTD$77 dish (about three U.S. dollars) each day.

  • gncs91
    "3x SlowStartUps, 2x BSOD and an hour glass, please." - "Thats $78.90 then!"
  • MisterClean
    The food's good, but they have the worst servers. They're always crashing.
  • brett1042002
    Yea, i'll have the UAC special, side of BSOD, and Internet Exploder to drink...

  • Greg_77
    The article was a nice excuse to post those photos ;)
  • sliem
    First pic: left girl and last pic --> not bad
    The rest is so-so.

    Anyway, what's this article about? lol.
  • scotters
    I'm getting confused about this whole BSOD thing. I haven't experienced it one time in the seven months I've been using Win7.
  • segio526
    scottersI'm getting confused about this whole BSOD thing. I haven't experienced it one time in the seven months I've been using Win7.Same here. No slow startups either. I'm also running 23 Servers, one runs 2000, a bunch are on 2003, a couple on 2003 R2, a couple on 2008, and a few on 2008 R2. All of which are rock stable and run for months non-stop (they could go longer, but every once in a while I break down and run the damn updates). Anywho, the XP machines are the only ones that have the slow startups, but still no crashing or BSOD (since BSOD is a HARDWARE issue, it rarely happens when you buy good hardware and install it properly). No issues at all with the Win7 and OS X 10.6 machines.
  • Darkerson

    1st I read about a frikkin pad of paper that plugs into a USB port for shits and giggles and now this...

    What is the world coming to? LOL
  • rooket
    omg wow.... rtd (rolls the dice)

    I like what I see.
  • tehramen
    $3 meals and my favorite OS. No complaints here.