Computex: Windows 7 Multi-touch LCD Announced


Taipei (Taiwan) - Multi-touch is one of the big technology trends these days: Bill gates recently demonstrated a display integrating multi-touch at the recent D6 conference and unfortunately received little more than lukewarm feedback. Albatron is one of the first companies demonstrating what appears to be a production ready multi-touch device: Having played with the LCD at Computex, we have to say that we are impressed.

It is easy to overlook the truly exciting products at Computex due to the flood of rather common things at the show. After day one of the show, we found that the probably most stunning product on the show floor comes from Albatron. This motherboard and graphics maker may not be the first name that comes to you mind when you are thinking about LCD displays, but we have to admit that the company’s new LCDs reveal a whole new level of interactivity on your PC.

Imagine Apple’s iPhone display on a large scale: Albatron integrated sensors on both sides of the touchscreen display. Robert Doncevski, sales director at Albatron, demonstrated the screen and its features to us and as far as we could see, controlling an operating system is a breeze. You simply only use your fingers to start and close applications. Bill gates’ demonstration may have been rather underwhelming, but seeing a multi-touch LCD actually in front of us made it clear that this technology works much better than we expected. Playing around with Google Earth was a blast.

Albatron integrated the technology into a 22" LCD providing a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels. According to Doncevski, multi-touch is not affected by typical touch-screen limitations. Screen sizes of 24" and above simply require a third sensor on top of the screen. That’s it.

You don’t have to have supernatural powers to predict that this display may become a huge hit when Windows 7 becomes available. At this time, the display works with the current crop of Windows XP users, while Vista is the default operating system.

Pricing and availability has not been announced, but we were told that physical price of this multi-touch screen is only 20% above a regular LCD.