Report: Public Windows 8 Beta Coming in February

Microsoft may have released a developer preview of Windows 8 a few months back, but Redmond has still given little indication as to when the non-developing public will get a chance to play around with the next iteration of Windows. With 2011 drawing to a close, we'll soon enter Windows 8's launch year, and it appears the beginning of 2012 could shape up to be quite Windows 8-centric.

We've already heard the reports that say Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will talk a lot about Windows 8 during his CES keynote in January. However, the latest scuttlebutt says Microsoft will release the public Windows 8 beta will be released shortly after CES. Read Write Web cites sources close to Microsoft in reporting that the public beta will hit in late February of next year. The site's sources couldn't confirm the feature set, saying that this has yet to be nailed down and will be decided by the Windows 8 engineers based on which components are ready for public consumption.

Earlier this month we heard that the Windows 8 install process had been streamlined by Microsoft. The company said that users will be able to install Windows 8 in as few as 11 clicks, depending on their existing OS, migration choices, install method, and the number of blocking issues needed to be resolved before the PC is ready for installation.

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  • cronik93
    Just seems too early... I love Win7 so much.
  • jhansonxi
    I sure it will be leaked long before February.
  • megasamsung
    Everyone always hates Vista but I loved it. The biggest reason was the searchbar in the start menu. I also liked the introduction of gadgets. Stickynotes and cpu meter were great. The only program I ever had problems with was KOTOR II and with one download that problem was fixed.
  • Other Comments
  • jhansonxi
    I sure it will be leaked long before February.
  • cheemster
    Windows 7 was good, Windows 8 will be an improved version if Windows 7. Will be using the beta most likely.
  • SirGCal
    I'm not holding my breath. Vista was soooo bad... 7 finally fixed it. But there's a ton of major changes to 8 that I'm very concerned about and not a simple way to make it differently... At least not unless they have a bunch of differences between the current developer's preview and the released beta. But right now, I'm not even considering 8... But we'll see. It'll likely take a year or more to see release anyhow but...