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New Belkin 802.11n Router Features Torrent App

A wireless router that uses apps? Apparently so. Thanks to Apple and the way it has re-invented the consumer's need for small dinky programs (rather than over-bloated, over-priced software), we're witnessing a change in the "gadget" industry that has now infiltrated into our beloved wireless routers. Belkin is now the latest to jump into the apps craze, offering its new line of Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max 802.11n routers.

According to the company, the devices will be integrated with apps that are designed to "enhance users' wireless experience." One such app--called the Self-Healing App--automatically detects and resolves network problems. It also runs routine maintenance scans to give users the clearest wireless channel. The Print Genie app allows the user to connect a compatible printer directly to the router and print from any PC on the network.

Now here's the real kicker: the Torrent Genie app. "Don't wait around for large torrent downloads like movies, music and games," the company said. "The Torrent Genie App lets you continue downloading even if your computer is shut down or asleep. When you come back, your large media files will be fully downloaded and ready to enjoy."

The name of each router should speak for itself, indicating its primary focus. PC and console gamers would want to grab the Play and Play Max routers while web surfers who don't push around large amounts of data may want to consider the Surf Wireless Router. As for pricing, here's the list:

All four routers will be available this month.