Microsoft Confirms Web Version of Xbox Music

Microsoft has confirmed rumors that said the Redmond, Washington-based company planned to launched a web version of Xbox Music. Microsoft officially announced Xbox Music last October as an answer to services like Amazon MP3 and iTunes. Up until now, Xbox Music has only been available via Xbox Live, Windows 8, and Windows Phone devices. However, it seems you'll soon be able to access the all-in-one service from the web, too.

The Verge on Tuesday reported that Microsoft was prepping a web version of Xbox Music so subscribers could access the service across various platforms via a web browser. Though there was no direct confirmation from Microsoft at the time of the post's publication, the Verge did point to updates to Microsoft's Xbox Music pages that confirmed Xbox Music's upcoming availability on the web.

Better still, if that weren't enough for you, Microsoft has actually gone and confirmed the the news to Engadget. Though the company didn't share anything beyond that, it's thought Xbox Music will launch at, which currently doesn't go anywhere.

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  • SkateZilla
    and Yet I can still Access Everything with my Zune Software with no problems.
  • ninjustin
    The problem with Xbox music is the name turns away those that don't want to be associated with Xbox or even gaming in general. They need some rebranding even Microsoft Music is better than associating it for no reason with Xbox.
  • back_by_demand
    Xbox Music is not a bad brand, but to suggest calling it Microsoft Music is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If Xbox supposedly generally associates with gaming, Microsoft would generally associate with business. Doesn't get less connected to entertainment than that. The idea is that they want to expand the Xbox name to not just mean gaming but entertainment in general and the music side is a good marketing move.
  • velocityg4
    Those 10 users of XBOX music must be really happy right now.