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Xbox One Already Up for Pre-order in the UK

Microsoft yesterday unveiled the next generation of Xbox at its Redmond campus in Seattle. However, despite giving us plenty to look at and a brief run down of the specifications, the company didn't offer any specifics on a release date or pricing. While we know the console will be out at some point this year (and have known for a while), Microsoft hasn't elaborated on how much we can expect to pay for this all-in-one entertainment device.


Despite there being no release date or price to speak of, retailers in the United Kingdom are already taking pre-orders for the new Xbox console. Pocket-lint reports that both Game and Blockbuster have the Xbox One up for pre-order. Customers looking to pre-order the console will have to put down a £20 deposit to secure their unit and presumably will be notified of the release date when it is made known. Unfortunately, while Blockbuster's pre-order page seems to be in fine working order, Game currently has the device listed as out-of-stock (opens in new tab), so all you can do is sign up for a stock-alert. Bummer.

As far as hardware is concerned, Microsoft says the Xbox One packs 8GB of RAM, an 8-Core CPU, a 500GB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI in and out ports, USB 3.0, 802.11n wireless, as well as a brand new version of the Kinect sensor. The new Kinect model will ship with every Xbox One unit sold, so we're assuming that will drive the price up somewhat. We'll keep you posted on that one.

  • giovanni86
    Honestly it looks ugly and not innovative enough to intrigue me. The last gen had more flash to them, more design. They honestly took too long to come out, and quite frankly i'm hoping these tank as well just like the Wii U.
  • iam2thecrowe
    looks just fine to me, fits in better with home theatre components. What are the specs though? is it pretty much the same cpu as ps3? and gpu?
  • cheesyboy
    If I buy one, and I probably won't this time, it will be the PS4. Went Xbox last gen, but Sony look to have got it right for th enew batch. And I really, REALLY, don't want a Kinect.
  • kartu
    Well, old kinewhatever had CPU like unit to my knowledge (since main CPU couldn't handle it), however with AMD's 8 core APU they should not needed, so addon must be much cheaper now.
  • manicmike
    I bet it's an FX style 8 core on steroids. "2 physical cores, each with 2 logical cores, that in turn each have 2 more logical cores"
    - What kind of GPU is in it?
    - Is it really running 3 Operating Systems for Gaming, Media, and Kinect? How much of the RAM is taken up by the OS and bull$#!t background processes?
    - Is Kinect hard wired into the XB1 or does it plug in via a USB like the first Kinect? Can I use the system without a Kinect Device plugged in?
    - Another article on Tom's mentions something about "additional fee for each account added to a game"; does that mean if I buy Halo 5, it will be $60, then another fee for each of my 3 kids who will want to play it on their gamer profiles?
    - Is XBL going to be free, or at least discounted? Are all these "neat" features included if there is still going to be XBL Gold, or do I have to pay extra for TV streaming and such?
    - What channels will be streaming? can I pause/rewind/record etc?
    Damn you M$, you raise more questions, and until they are answered I have no plans of buying a device which appears to be 359 steps back... >.<
  • tipoo
    It's not a Bulldozer/Piledriver or any FX, it's almost certainly Jaguar, just like the PS4. The GPU is likely of the same family too, but the sources that guessed all the other specs correctly also said 12 vs 18 compute units for the One vs 4. The 4 also uses GDDR5, while the One uses DDR3 plus a small fast eSRAM pool (32MB).
  • Willy McBurgle
    Considering what a rip-off the 360 was for UK households, I would be amazed if the X'Bone does well in pre-order here.
  • tomc100
    Unless the price for the xbox1 is higher than the PS4, the APU will have to be less powerful than what the PS4 has since they have to account for the kinect hardware otherwise Microsoft will have to lose a lot more money selling consoles if the price is the same. I'm hopeful that all three consoles are successful in order that AMD which provides all the gpu will stay viable to compete against Nvidia and Intel.
  • dietrich1
    ehhhh why no ddr5, microsoft? guess i'm goin ps4. why the hell wouldn't they use ddr5?! does this mean the games coming out for the next 8 years that are ported to PC won't utilize ddr5? well at least our 8 cores will finally be used.
  • marthisdil
    lol @ dietrich1 - like ddr5 would make much of a difference noticeable to a user on a tv...