Sloclap's Debut Game Is 'Absolver,' A Melee-Based Online Title

A few weeks ahead of E3, Devolver Digital showed off a new game in its publishing portfolio. Absolver is a melee-based online action game, and it’s the first game from Sloclap, an independent group of developers based out of Paris, some of whom previously worked for Ubisoft.

The game places you in the fallen empire of Adal. You are a Prospect, a masked figure that swore an oath to join an elite group called the Absolvers, who are tasked with keeping the peace in the world. The path to join the ranks of the Absolvers isn’t easy. You’ll have to learn combat skills, acquire powerful weapons and armor, and fight other beings on your journey.

The main feature of the game is its melee combat. You’ll have to choose from four different stances during combat that dictate your attacks and parries. You can further customize your character with weapons and armor as well as rearrange your attack sequences from your so-called “Combat Deck.” As you fight, you’ll also refill your Tension shards, which you can use to unleash your special powers.

As with any online-based game, you’ll also have elements of player versus player (PvP) or player versus environment (PvE) gameplay. If you want to climb the Absolver ranks for fame and glory, then PvP is for you. For more team-based content — as well as the chance to obtain better items and weapons — you’ll have to take on some PvE missions that take you down to the Adal mines.

Sloclap plans to release Absolver at some point in 2017. However, we’re bound to get our first look at the game next month when Devolver Digital shows it off at E3.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
TypeAction/Adventure, Online
PublisherDevolver Digital
Release Date2017
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
Where To BuySteam

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