Acer Brings Massage Gamer Chairs to the Masses

Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM
(Image credit: Acer)

Last year, the $14,000 Acer Thronos Air all-inclusive battlestation introduced the company’s first gaming massage chair, which focuses on massaging the shoulders, upper back and lower back. With a price tag that could buy you a new car, the Thronos is mostly a gimmick, but as I approach my 30s, the idea of a massage gaming chair doesn’t sound as silly to me as it once did. That’s probably why Acer today announced the more affordable Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM.

Stripping out the Thronos’ hanging triple gaming monitor setup and included desktop PC, the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM is a consumer-level approach to Acer’s massage chair tech, made in collaboration with massage chair company OSIM. It’s a little wider than your typical Predator gaming chair and has mesh surrounding its back massage rollers rather than a leather back, but it otherwise maintains Acer’s standard look.

The Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM reclines back by up to 145 degrees and has two sets of massage rollers surrounding the spine. Three preset massage programs also focus on the neck and shoulder, lumbar and your general energy via a program called Energize. If you’ve got a particular ache, you can program a targeted massage that focuses on a single area. Meanwhile, the back rollers are able to hit six different positions across gamers’ shoulders. 

Acer Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM

(Image credit: Acer)

The Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM comes in a black carbon fiber patterned color scheme with dark metallic gray and bright teal accents. 

We admit that a magging gaming chair is already over-the-top, but Acer doesn’t stop there. Its new gaming chair also has two two built-in Bluetooth speakers on its headrest. What’s more soothing than having speakers right by your ears as you get a massage while looking at a PC screen? Acer claims the speakers will allow you to ditch your best gaming headset.

Acer’s Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM doesn’t have a price or release date yet, but I’d be willing to bet $14,000 that it’ll be cheaper than the Thronos Air.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • Tioym
    Cant wait for the gamer chairs that will SMD while I get headshot from 1 mile away but will also speed up when I die to make sure I dont rage and instead just jizz
  • Eye roll
  • Olle P
    I'd love to test one of these!
    Won't make me completely abandon the headset though, since the speakers will a) cause too much noise for my surrounding, and b) won't provide the surround sound I'm used to. Listening to podcasts and such would be okay though.
    I'd also like some other accent colour that teal. Red or blue would be nice.