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Adata Also Hits 5,000MHz On Air-Cooled DDR4

Adata couldn’t let G.Skill sit complacently with its recently announced achievement of overclocking an air-cooled DDR4 memory kit to 5,000MHz. The former announced that it too has managed to overclock one of its memory kits to the same speed. The memory kit used in this endeavor is a the Spectrix D41, the yet-to-be-announced successor to last year’s RGB-lit Spectrix D40.

Just like G.Skill, Adata’s memory was composed of rigorously binned Samsung DDR4 B-die RAM chips. All the recentrecordholders used these RAM packages. Adata didn’t explicitly mention the RAM latencies they needed to achieve the overclock, but the screenshot they released shows that their RAM is configured identically to G.Skill’s. In fact, the screenshots and CPU-Z database entries reveals that the two company’s respective achievements were achieved on the same day, within minutes of each other. It seems like what we have here is a case of two manufacturers handing their products off to a local pro-overclocker for “validation."

This just goes to show the nature of such announcements. Ultimately, all manufacturers have access to the same RAM market, and all manufacturers can produce one-off, ultra-binned kits to claim records with. You shouldn’t base your RAM purchasing decisions off these one-off tests; you should focus more on a given product’s aesthetics, warranty, compatibility, and price.

Adata didn’t say if it plans to actually bring a DDR4-5000 version of the Spectrix D41 to market.

  • Soda-88
    You gotta wonder how is this better than mid tier 3600 CL15 kit looking at those latencies. I'm sure it's gonna be $500 for a 16GB kit as well.
  • ElectrO_90
    You would buy a kit because of Aesthetics?
  • sdmf74
    Of course aesthetics is a factor in buying components, have you never done a build with a certain theme or at least one that looks good without a bunch of mismatched components
  • ElectrO_90
    No not really. Just like my car, it's a sleeper.
    If something looks good and goes like crap, I don't see the point, but people do it with cars all the time. I am just the opposite.
    I don't waste money on things looking good over performance. I will always put performance before looks. That doesn't mean I would buy something that looks totally naff. Everything is about balance, but performance is always priority for me.