Adata Releases SX930 Flagship SSD With eMLC, JMicron Controller

Prior to Computex we published a preview article detailing the new JMicron JMF670H controller. Two of the three drives we tested arrived with Adata-branded NAND, so we knew this product was coming. What we didn't know is that the company planned to make the new SX930 a flagship product with eMLC flash, a full accessory package and a long five-year warranty.

The new Adata SX930 comes in three capacity sizes: 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB. Adata leverages the JMF670H controller's advanced BCH ECC with Micron 16nm eMLC flash to strengthen endurance. The SX930 boasts 72 bits per 1 KB ECC. The high endurance rating allows Adata to offer this product with a long five-year warranty.

The SX930 SSDs use Adata's exclusive new pSLC Cache Technology and a DDR3 cache buffer to deliver up to 560 MB/s sequential read performance and up to 460 MB/s sequential write performance.

As Adata's new flagship model, the SX930 ships with a full retail package that includes a hefty accessory package that takes us back to 2010 lavishness. Included in the package is a desktop adapter bracket with mounting screws, a quick start guide and Adata's SSD Toolbox software (which is downloadable).

Adata takes flagship pricing to new levels with the SX930, as the SX930 480 GB has an MSRP of just $200. The 240 GB model will sell for $110, and the 120 GB model comes in at just $80. MSRP prices usually fall off after a few weeks on the market, so we expect the SX930 to be a powerful contender in the low-price SSD arena, a venue in which Adata has experience.

We have all three capacity sizes in for testing, and the preliminary results are promising compared to other products in this price range.

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  • RazberyBandit
    Samsung has had a pretty tight grip on the price/performance ratio since its 850-EVO lineup was released. I've been hopeful something would come along this year to change that, and I guess we'll see if ADATA has created a rival when your testing results are released.
  • mf Red
    it's already up on anandtech
  • gangrel
    I find the ECC very appealing; even if it doesn't measure up on the p/p, that aspect will make it worth considering.