AMD Makes DX11 Preview Driver Enhancements Official With Adrenalin 22.5.2 Release

AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT Reference Card
(Image credit: AMD)

AMD has released a new Adrenalin driver to the public, version 22.5.2, featuring AMD's DX11 optimizations found previously in its May 2022 preview driver. This will give Radeon gamers access to the performance improvement found in some DX11 titles, without diverting to AMD's preview driver. Other improvements added to the driver include a new Radeon Super Resolution update, new game support, and a new feature called AMD Privacy View.

The DX11 improvements are the biggest update worth mentioning with this new driver update. According to our previous coverage of these optimizations, RX 6000 series GPUs were seeing as much as 10-30% FPS improvement in the select few titles that were able to take advantage of the new API optimizations. Unfortunately, these impressive gains only apply to just a handful of titles. Still, we're glad to see that these changes have finally made their way to an official Adrenalin driver.

Another update coming from the May 2022 Preview Driver is additional Smart Access Memory optimizations for Death Stranding and Watch Dogs: Legion. AMD says gamers can expect anywhere between a 6% to 24% performance increase in these two titles compared to Adrenalin version 22.5.1. The size of the increase depends on which RX 6000 model is being used.

Additional game support has been added to the new driver including Sniper Elite 5 and Hitman 3's ray tracing update. Along with these additions, a new set of Vulkan extensions are supported as well.

The last and final feature to come from the May 2022 driver in 22.5.2 is support for Radeon Super Resolution version 1.1. This new version includes a new sharpening filter that allows you to fine-tune the sharpness detail of RSR on a game-by-game basis. This brings RSR to feature parity with the Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS) counterpart. RSR support for AMD's new Ryzen 6000 series mobile CPUs featuring RDNA 2 graphics has also been added, which can give a healthy performance boost to integrated graphics at the cost of image quality.

The final feature added to driver 22.5.2 is the introduction of AMD Privacy View. This new technology uses eye-tracking to hide parts of the screen you aren't looking at in an effort to block prying eyes from viewing sensitive data. With this new eye-tracking tech, AMD can also lock your computer when it sees you leaving your PC for additional security. The only hardware requirement you'll need is a webcam.

For more details and known issues relating to Adrenalin driver 22.5.2, check out the patch notes here.

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