Albatron's 'Retrotechnology' Video Cards Hit A Snag

Taipei (TW) - Albatron’s new Retrotechnology PCI slot video cards won’t hit market for a while because of problems with some motherboards. The company says their engineers are trying to resolve compatibility issues.

While PCI slots are supposed to be standard, various motherboards on the market vary in their signaling implementation of PCI interface. We spoke with Sam Nada, Albatron’s International PR representative, and learned that the products are getting worked on. Albatron’s engineers are now working hard on optimizing the BIOS to achieve compatibility with as much PCI boards as possible. As soon as engineering work is done, you can expect these products to market.
Our estimate is that the cards will come to market in the next couple of weeks.

Albatron introduced several Retrotechnology video cards at this year’s Computex trade show in Taiwan. The cards use a GeForce 8 series graphics chip and have low power consumption. Pop a few of these cards into a motherboard, add some monitor and you have an instant stock trading station or uber video editing set up.

  • nekatreven
    not enuf moovie. need add some more monitor! :)
  • josh_b
    Actually, these are a great alternative to PhysX boards when you've got only the single pci-e slot and you don't want to do PhysX on your Nvidia 9800 or GX260/280.

    I'm going to use my M2A-VM to load up a 4870x2 video card in the PCI-e slot, and have a PCI-e X-FI and a single PCI card - the Albatron. Hardware physics, here I come!!!