Alphacool Launches Eisbecher Reservoir Line With 20 Models To Choose From

Alphacool is launching a new entry to its Eis-family of high-end products. The new Eisbecher reservoir series will include a variety of sizes, materials and pump mounts, and each one will include the Light Tower effect.

Alphacool said its Light Tower reservoir has been its most popular reservoir in its portfolio of products, so the company is making an attempt to capitalize on that popularity by including it in a much wider selection of reservoirs.

The new Eisbecher line includes a wide range of different options. Alphacool has Eisbecher reservoir designs for most configurations, including pump mount designs for the ever-popular Laing DDC and D5 pumps (Alphacool’s VPP pumps will fit, too), and three standalone reservoir choices. The company said there will be options for other pump types in the future, as well. 

Each model is available in two sizes, 150 mm and 250 mm. The reservoirs are offered in standard acetal versions with black bases and tops, or Full Plexi editions, which as the name suggests are made entirely of clear plexiglass.

Alphacool said each model can accommodate LEDs for different lighting effects. The company said some models can hold up to four in the base, and it’s also possible to add another light to the lid. All of the Eisbecher reservoirs also feature the popular Light Tower effect, but the LITE version of the Eisbecher has only the effect on the upper inlet.

Alphacool’s full lineup of 20 Eisbecher reservoirs is available today from the company’s web store. Prices range from $38.65 for the basic 150 mm version up to $76.46 for a 250 mm pump-mounted version.

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  • Lutfij
    This time around I'm glad to see Alphacool take the approach with plexi and plastic instead of going with aluminium or steel as they had done back in the past. To some extent, they are better off innovating how things function and perform instead of aesthetics. Function over form.