Amazon Offering Free Trials of Fire TV to Customers

Amazon's Fire TV, the company's entry into micro-consoles, is doing fairly well for itself. It's been number one on Amazon's best sellers list for almost two months since its launch. Despite that, Amazon doesn't want to sit content on Fire TV's success. It's attempting to bring new users into the Fire TV cult by offering up free trials to its customers.

According to Recode, Amazon is sending out invites to its customers. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn't revealed how it's picking out who it's sending its invites to.

Those who receive the invite need only to add Amazon Fire TV to their cart and order it. It'll be sent to where the lucky customer pleases. After 30 days, customers can choose to ship it back—on Amazon's dime—and they won't be charged. Those who keep it after the trial period will be charged the $99 cost of the Fire TV.

It's definitely not a bad way for Amazon to be promoting its digital streaming device.