Amazon Debuts First Original TV Series

With more and more people "cutting the cord," the video streaming market is set to take a new role in the competition for dollars spent for living room content. In an effort to add a bit more value to their streaming service, by signing on exclusive shows including "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black." Amazon is preparing their entry in this fight with "Alpha House."

Coming on November 22 will be their second original series, Betas. Both are set to be comedies, and unlike Netflix, they will run week-to-week for Prime subscribers, with a few episodes available for free as a kind of demo. If this model really is the way of the future, the coming media landscape will be very, very interesting.

  • Stimpack
    I want to cut cable out entirely. I hope that Netflix and Amazon both find great success with their online series endeavors.
  • velocityg4
    I'd rather they spent the money, I pay for with my Prime membership, on more good movies, previous seasons of current TV series and complete collections of old TV series. Perhaps a greater selection of prime eligible merchandise.

    However many millions they spend on these series. Translates to fewer rights to other content is being bought.