AMD Adds 17 PCI IDs to Linux Kernel Driver, Teasing a Possible RDNA 2 Refresh

(Image credit: AMD)

AMD's Radeon product line-up based on RDNA 2 could get expanded with even more products, that are possibly a refreshed designs for additional performance and efficiency. According to the report coming from Phoronix, AMD has added as many as 17 new PCI IDs to the Linux kernel driver, showing us some hints of refreshing the RDNA 2 GPU line-up soon.

Today, AMD engineers have submitted the latest round of patches for the AMDGPU Linux kernel DRM driver, which adds as many as 17 additional PCI IDs over the existing plethora of device IDs already present in the driver. While these new IDs show us what GPU codename they correspond to, we are still left to wonder why AMD has decided to do this.


(Image credit: Freedesktop List)

First in line, we have AMD's Sienna Cichlid IDs for Navi 21 SKUs. The new SKUs are labelled with the following GPU IDs: 0x73A5, 0x73A8, 0x73A9, 0x73AC, 0x73AD. These five are new, and add to the seven that already exist. Next up, we have Navy Flounder IDs for Navi 22 SKU listed as: 0x73DA, 0x73DB, 0x73DC, 0x73DD, 0x73DE. These are the five new additions to the four already existing. And last but not least, the Dimgrey Cavefish Navi 23 GPU SKU has got new PCI ID listed as: 0x73E8, 0x73E9, 0x73EA, 0x73EB, 0x73EC, 0x73ED, 0x73EF. This SKU experienced the most additions, seven of them, with four IDs already present.

It is possible that AMD could be adding these IDs for its AIBs that have some specific SKUs, or that the RDNA 2 line-up is inbound for a refresh. The IDs could relate to engineering models. Right now all the information that we have are these new PCI IDs.

Adding a PCI ID to the Linux kernel driver this late in the product lifespan means that the company surely is preparing some additional GPU product launches, as the submitted changes are about to enter the mainline Linux kernel and the software support becomes official. We just have to wait for more information about the upcoming silicon.