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AMD APUs to Become Efficient Faster Than Moore's Law

Rather than announcing a new product, AMD has announced a new target called the 25X20. The idea behind it is APU efficiency.

So what exactly does the target entail? Well, AMD wants its APUs to be 25 times more efficient by the year 2020. The company indicated that over the last six years (an equal time period from today till 2020), its products became about ten times more efficient. The company also recognized that if such improvements take place, the company will be outpacing Moore's law by about 70 percent.

"Creating differentiated low-power products is a key element of our business strategy, with an attending relentless focus on energy efficiency," said Papermaster. "Through APU architectural enhancements and intelligent power efficient techniques, our customers can expect to see us dramatically improve the energy efficiency of our processors during the next several years. Setting a goal to improve the energy efficiency of our processors 25 times by 2020 is a measure of our commitment and confidence in our approach."

Of course, energy efficiency should not be confused with power consumption. It is very unreasonable to expect the APUs to use 25 times less power six years from now. Instead, they will become more powerful and consume less energy while doing so, improving the overall performance per watt. That is AMD's target -- improving performance per watt by a multiple of 25.

Now, we're not exactly sure about how AMD intends to outpace science, though the company does mention three core foci: heterogeneous computing and power optimization, where the GPU and CPU aboard the APU work more closely together; intelligent real-time power management; and future innovation in power efficiency. In short, not only will the company shrink the transistors to make for more efficient APUs, it'll also work on newer architectures and better power management, and maybe even more.

There has to be something that gives AMD the confidence to make an announcement as ambitious as this… We're curious what it is that AMD has up its sleeve.

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