AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1; Previews Catalyst 12.2 Drivers

AMD quietly released a new set of graphics drivers last week just at the tip of the weekend. If you missed them, consider this a reminder that the Catalyst driver suite now has a dozen versions in its history.

Those awaiting stable drivers can now download the Catalyst 12.1 drivers that feature application profiles and video UI improvements. These new features first rolled out in the form of a preview driver released mid-December.

If you insist on living on the edge, AMD also released an even more advanced 12.2 preview driver set. The main improvements come to those using Eyefinity:

  • Additional resolution support:   Users can now choose from a larger set of resolutions when running AMD Eyefinity
  • Dynamic Configuration Changes:  Switching between different display configurations will occur automatically when physically plugging/un-plugging displays
  • HydraVision™ enhancements:  The Windows® Task bar can now be moved and resized based on users preference
  • Profile Manager improvements:  Increased support for Display Groups (including 5x1) and Extended configurations within the Profile Manager

Gamers will also appreciate the new version as it fixes a number of bugs when running on Windows 7.

  • Call of Duty IV no longer displays random corruption when in DirectX® 9 more and the Edge Detect filter is enabled.
  • A black screen is no longer occasionally displayed when running Portal 2 in 3D mode.
  • All 3d Anti Aliasing settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
  • Morphological filtering settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
  • Civilization V no longer experiences random crashes when run in DirectX® 10 and DirectX® 11 modes.
  • Enabling the ‘Edge Detect’ filter in Resident Evil 5 or Just Cause 2 no longer generates a random application crash.
  • Battlefield 3 no longer hangs when MSAA is enabled.
  • Saints Row III no longer experiences random hangs.
  • Rage no longer experiences intermittent hangs when Crossfire is enabled.
  • Dragon Age 2 textures no longer flicker when run in DirectX® 9 mode in Crossfire configurations with vsync enabled.
  • Crysis Warhead and Battlefield Bad Company 2 no longer experience random crashes when Crossfire is enabled.
  • Texture flickering is no longer experienced when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 in DirectX® 11 mode.

You can download the Catalyst 12.2 preview drivers here.

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Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • billybobser
    Wonder if catalyst will finally work on my pc!

    (*Doesn't hold breath*)
  • cmcghee358
    Those preview drivers look bad ass!
  • fausto412
    both sets of drivers caused me a weekend of problems last weekend. make you you image your drive or set a restore point and boot disk. that is what saved me.

    system would hang on shutdown creating errors.
  • freggo
    Seems like largely game related changes/updates ?
  • gbean02
    Another denial of my dream of Steam, or Photoshop, or Fruity Loops, or a dozen other programs working in HydraGrid. What a worthless feature.
  • PrimalGecko
    Drivers were installed without a hitch two days ago. everything's been running fine as it was prior to the new driver.

    I'm always skeptical about using preview drivers, so will wait until their testing process is complete and they release them at the end of February.
  • dontcrosthestreams
    ahhh the efintity options are nice, more balancing options now.
  • ubercake
    Hooray! They finally fixed the issue with texture flickering in BFBC2 in DX11 mode! How long has that game been out now??? I'm still looking forward to the Zork patch in the March 2012.
  • memadmax
    The drivers are great, but now I've got a random hard shutdown issue while playing games...
  • scrumworks
    Running perfectly here @HD5770.