AMD EPYC 7702P Soars to First Place In SiSoftware Ranking

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According to an unverified submission to the SiSoftware database, AMD's unreleased EPYC 7702P processor has taken the top spot in the company's Official Live Ranker, displacing Intel's Xeon processors from the leading spot. The EPYC 7702P is one of three second-generation 64-core, 128-thread EPYC processors set to hit the market this quarter.

Similar to the mainstream Ryzen 3000-series family, the new EPYC Rome chips are based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture and are served from TSMC's 7nm platter. As denoted by the "P" suffix, the EPYC 7702P caters to single-socket workstations. An Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) listing from last month revealed that AMD would probably offer the EPYC 7702 for dual-socket solutions as well.

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ModelCoresThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheTDP
*EPYC 7702P641281.47 GHz3.35 GHz256MB200W
EPYC 760132642.2 GHz3.2 GHz64MB180W

*Specifications in the table are unconfirmed

(Image credit: SiSoftware)

The SiSoftware submission shows the EPYC 7702P with 64 cores and 128 threads, two times as much as last generation's flagship EPYC 7601 chip. The EPYC 7702P seemingly comes with 1.47 GHz base clock and 3.35 GHz boost clock. The lower operating clocks are expected due to the doubled core and thread count.

Despite having twice the cores as the EPYC 7601, the EPYC 7702P is allegedly rated with a 200W TDP (thermal design power), which is only 20W more than the EPYC 7601. The EPYC 7702P's other specifications include 32MB of L2 cache, 256MB of L3 cache, eight-channel memory support, and support for 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes.

AMD still hasn't given us a concrete date on when the company will launch the second-generation EPYC processors. However, the chipmaker has put up a 'Notify Me' option on its EPYC website that could indicate the chips could arrive very soon. Belgian retailer 2Compute previously listed the pricing for the entire EPYC Rome processor line. The price for the EPYC 7702P was estimated at $4,932.34, pretty amazing for an enterprise chip of this caliber.

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