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AMD Updates Desktop FX Processor Line With Three New CPUs, Price Cuts

Until last month, all of AMD's 8-core FX processors had a minimum TDP of 125 Watts. That changed with the August announcement of the FX-8300, a 95-watt model that features eight execution cores, a nominal 3.2 GHz core clock, and a maximum 3.5 GHz boost clock. This product is only targeted at Greater China's OEMs, though, leaving the rest of the world's AMD enthusiasts who own 95-Watt motherboards without an 8-core upgrade path.

That changes today with the launch of the new FX-8320E and FX-8370E, two new processors with a 95-Watt TDP. The FX-8320E ($147 MSRP) sports 3.2/4.0 GHz nominal/max boost clock rates, while the FX-8370E ($199 MSRP) features higher 3.3/4.3 GHz limits. Like all FX processors, these 95-watt 'E' models are multiplier-unlocked and have significant overclocking headroom if you're willing to deliver power over the stock power limit.

There's also a new 125-Watt model, the FX-8370. This represents a new high-water mark for FX processors with this power limit, boasting a maximum boost clock of 4.3 GHz. It shares the same 4.0 GHz nominal clock rate as the FX-8350, though.

Aside from these fresh offerings, AMD claims that MSRPs have been significantly reduced across the entire 8-core FX lineup. If the company's new targets are respected by retailers we should see about a $65 drop in the FX-9590 (without bundled liquid cooler); a $20 drop in the FX-9370 (also without the cooler); and a $10 decrease for the FX-9590, FX-8350, and FX-8320 compared to last month's e-tail pricing.

*Note that model numbers ending in WOX indicate that a liquid cooler is included

Price reductions are always welcome, but the most significant news is definitely the viability of 8-core FX CPUs for folks who own a budget AM3+ motherboard limited to a 95 Watt CPU socket. There are few low-cost AMD boards out there, and it's nice to see a real upgrade option for 4- or even 6-core AMD processor owners.

Intel has a lock on the premium multi-threading market, but with the bottom-rung Core i7 costing about $300 we're happy to see a price-conscious alternative for half of that buy-in, especially one that can be accommodated without a premium 125-watt motherboard. When it comes to processing multiple threads, a powerful Core i5 will be bested by an 8-core FX processor in many applications, so there's a unique value proposition offered by AMD here.

We are less inspired by the new 125-Watt FX-8370, as the meager 100 MHz maximum turbo speed bump over the FX-8350 leaves us wanting. As for the 220-Watt options such as the FX-9370 and FX-9590, we're skeptical about the value these can offer vs. an Intel Core i7, considering the relatively high cost of an AMD motherboard that is compatible with these high-power processors. In addition, you'd have to invest even more cash into an aftermarket cooler if you don't choose the costlier option that includes a bundled liquid cooler. In contrast, socket 1150 Core i7 processors all come equipped with standard Intel coolers that do a decent job at stock clocks.

In any case, we'd like to see what these new FX models can do. We haven't had time to properly test them yet, but we will have a full review for our readers soon.

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  • Amdlova
    I smell some old dead tech. i have fear to get an amd product right now and it get discontinued. with the price combo of amd i can get a Nice z97 motherboard and a i5
  • mariusmotea
    8 core precessors are great if you want a virtualization infrastructure for testings. 125W was to high for me, but 95W seams more resonable and i will buy one.
  • christinebcw
    I'm wondering if there's a typo by the author. In the paragraph just under 'the chart', which begins...

    "Price reductions are always welcome...", he writes

    "There are few low-cost AMD boards out there..."

    I wonder if he meant to type "There are A few..."
  • CooLWoLF
    This is disappointing. The base clocks on the 8370E and 8320E are lower than the numbers release a few weeks ago. The "new" cpus are nothing more then underclocked versions of the previous FX line.
  • christinebcw
    I do remain hopeful that AMD will rescind a 3-year-old 'surrender' and re-energize Computing Cores at some point. The computing world NEEDS that valid competition.
  • Deus Gladiorum
    Oh AMD, why? I don't think I'm offending anyone when I say this isn't optimal for AMD's desktop CPUs... at least not for the consumers who like them. Until I see some Steamroller desktop cores equipped with L3 cache, I'm sorry to say that I have to stick with camp Intel.
  • Fr33Th1nk3r
    We'll all stick with our intels, but these CPU's are geared towards people that fall in a lower income bracket. Which is a larger portion of the buyers market. People buy cheap laptops and tablets because they can't afford big flashy expensive i7 rigs which at the cheapest are $1200+.
    I built an FX8320 system for a relative and he can play sniper elite 3 on ultra with his radion card, and i built that system inlcluding the OS for 800 bucks. Mine costed me $2500 and I love it.
    In order to steal more people from the 500 dollar laptop market and 500 dollar consol market, we need cheaper CPU's like AMD's lineup. I just wish they'd work on single core and wattage a little more.
  • Memnarchon
    Can we hope for a review, perhaps tomorrow?
  • Amdlova
    anandtech has the review of this cpu the new 7850k kicks on these cpu!
  • runswindows95
    The 95W's version I hope are released to channels, such as Newegg, unlike the previous FX-8300. A 95W 8-core for under $200 is great for those of us who want to build a cheap VM system.