AMD: Llano Is An Intel Shocker

The performance apparently is much better than the code-name: AMD's Godfrey Cheng wrote in a blog post that AMD's competition most certainly will be "shocked" as Llano has exceeded AMD's expectations in reducing power consumption and improving power efficiency. Cheng said that AMD found opportunities to save power and "dramatically" increase battery life over previous platforms. He said that AMD will reveal actual numbers when Llano is launched later this month.

There is also not much information in terms of straight processing capability, even if Chen describes Llano as the "big iron" APU AMD will be offering. A screenshot shows Llano exceeding the performance of an Intel platform, but we do not know which Intel product AMD used for the demonstration - at least not from the blog post. While there are no hard details, the executive noted that a Llano notebook will enable its user to take advantage of several hours of "intensive graphics" use while running on battery power.

Cheng also pointed to Sabine as the first chip platform to integrate USB 3.0 and highlighted the fact that this interface now allows for the use of 1080p cameras. AMD is surely building up the expectations for its Llano processor. Later this month, we will find out how capable the processor really is.

  • alikum
    If they pull this off, we'll very likely begin to see a shift in the portable market as well. High-end laptops with i7 + discrete graphics and mainstream with llano. This may well be an AMD year!
  • Not going to believe until I see real data. It might be true but all this waiting and "its so good" stuff could be part of building suspense and marketing. If its really that amazing than it would reassure that Intel will continue to have a strong competitor to keep prices down.
  • alextheblue
    Llano will definetely make for some interesting entry and mid-range laptops. Finally an IGP fast enough to compete with entry-level mobile discrete graphics. If the price is right, I think they have a mainstream winner on their hands.
  • osxsier
    Nows the time to by AMD stock...just closed at 7.59. I bought it when it was $2. I was telling everyone who would listen about the strong product pipeline of graphic cards coming out.

    Sure glad I listened to myself. =)
  • verbalizer
    I have a smile on right now, let's see where this also is going....
  • jimmysmitty
    AMD says that huh. I wonder if they compared it to Atom. More than likley but we shall see.

    All the "leaked" Llano benchmarks I have seen pitted againts SB do not show such favor.

    I will wait till real benchmarks come out and not something AMD states.
  • 4745454b
    His comments don't show that it will be a performance monster. I read it as its performance per watt figures will be better then what Intel has. Just because they can do more with 40W then Intel can doesn't mean its going to be the performance leader.

    Still, from what we know so far these should make good laptop parts for once. Nice to see AMD finally get something in that market that performs really well.
  • srgess
    Stop saying its better than Intel, they need to show us its better. Why they just show us live benchmark that its actually beating Intel. Stupid speculator. I think they know that their processor of 5 year publicity old is a fail. From the leaked benchmark ive saw in cinebench my old q6600 beat it...
  • Shin-san
    I bought a really cheap AMD laptop, and the CPU features that AMD has plus the standard Radeon graphics makes up for a lot. Intel has the habit of disabling certain CPU features. So, they are very good on the low-end for laptops, even though they probably do suck up more electricity compared to Intel's offerings
  • Nintendork
    IPC CPU race doesn't matter anymore, see tablets and smartphones? It's the whole package that matters.

    Llano brings Deneb performance, more than enough for 95% of their target userbase, major win for OEM's, win for SCII/WoW players.

    Most benchmarks was with useless ES samples. There's one with retail product:

    A best of it's class. No more shi*tty intel HD2000/3000, nvidia GT220/420/430, that HD6555 oblitarates them all. Obviously this is not a high end product but for $300-800 OEM pc's it's unbeatable.

    +free performance when added a discrete gpu

    HD6670 + IGP HD6550 (hybrid CrossFire) = HD6670 + 60%

    With that kind of package intel doesn't stand a chance. Also HD6550 improves the previous 780/880G mobo IGP by a factor of 9-10x. Crysis playable at fine details @720p.


    OEM PC
    i5 2500 (HD2000) < i7 2600K < Llano A8
    i5 2500 + HD6670 < i7 2600K + HD6670 < Llano A8 HD6650 IGP + HD6670 discrete CF

    90%+ of OEM pc's dont use any discrete gpu above HD6670 level of power.