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AMD Finally Finishes Mantle Drivers, Will Be Available Soon

It took longer than expected, but AMD has finally finished tweaking its Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers. These were originally due yesterday, at the same time as the Battlefield 4 patch but were unexpectedly delayed. Considering the drivers are needed for users to see any optimizations from Mantle, a delay was pretty disappointing.

The good news is that the guys at AMD have finally gotten the driver finished. Last night, the company said it encountered a bug at the last minute and had to delay. AMD said it would give the press 24 hours to evaluate the drivers before pushing forward with a public release. About half an hour ago, AMD sent us the drivers for our own performance evaluations. Though the email didn’t say when we the public release would be, AMD promised to keep us posted.

If everything goes well, hopefully you’ll be able to download Catalyst 14.1 beta this weekend and get your first look at Mantle. If not… Well, we hear there’s a football game you could tune in to on Sunday. That might help pass the time.

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