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AMD: Move to 64 bit can accelerate applications by more than 50 percent

Sunnyvale (CA) - In a newswire release preceeding Intel's 32-/64-bit processor "Nocona" announcement later on Monday, AMD claims that 64-bit applications will significantly outpace their 32-bit counterparts.

The firm's statement so far is based on only two applications which were tested on the FX-53 processor running the beta version of the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition. According to AMD, the measured performance increase was up to 57 percent for Panorama Factory, an application which creates panoirama pictures from single pictures, and about 47 percent for Crafty, high-performance chess program scheduled to compete in the World Computer Chess Championship this July.

"The AMD64 platform enables best-in-class performance, while allowing customers to seamlessly transition to powerful 64-bit applications as we move closer to the day when 32-bit-only systems will become obsolete," Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit, was quoted in the release.

Intel will announce its first move into the 32-bit/64-bit scene on Monday, when it introduces Nocona, the firm's new generation of Xeon DP processors.