Graphics Chip Shipments Down 10 Percent in Q4 2012

According to the market research firm, Intel finished Q4 with 59.1 percent market share (which includes the graphics chips included in its Sandy Bridge processors), AMD with 24.8 percent and Nvidia with 15.7 percent. Both Intel and Nvidia gained market share points over Q4 2010, 6.6 points and 0.6 points, respectively, while Nvidia dropped 6.8 points due to the firms withdrawal from the integrated graphics business.

JPR estimates that discrete GPU shipments declined about 12 percent sequentially and 3.5 percent annually. On Intel's side, embedded processor graphics "had a very strong double digit growth in while notebooks dropped double digits" that resulted in an 12.3 percent sequential drop in shipments overall, JPR said. AMD saw its processor-integrated graphics jump by 44.8 percent, but notebook volume was down significantly, which brought a 3.8 percent drop of shipments sequentially.

  • lahawzel
    What about the market share for discrete GPUs? That is, discounting Intel on-die graphics and AMD fusion.
  • NapoleonDK shipments dropped from 138.5 million units in Q3 to 124 million in Q3...
    I hate it when I lose 14.5 million units in (div/0!).
  • dokk2
    Q4 of 2012, WTF ??? it's only FEB of 2012 where I live ,I know that I am old but, I did not think that I had missed the whole year, guess xmas can't be far away ???.....:)
  • rosen380
    "What about the market share for discrete GPUs? That is, discounting Intel on-die graphics and AMD fusion."

    Or what happens when you have a CPU with integrated graphics, but are using a discrete graphics card?
  • eklipz330
    i predict sales being down this year because shity AMD and nVidia are increasing prices of their cards... instead of newer cards being faster for cheaper, they're just stacking them on their older cards and increasing the price...or worse, releasing newer, slower cards, but charging more.

    ...the good old days of price drops seem to be gone.
  • memadmax
    Market is saturated?
    Hardware is more powerful than software? I.E. There's no programs/games out there worth buying to flex our $500 video cards on?

    I actually believe that the market is saturated with the low end stuff. Not everyone is a gamer/die hard overclocker either.
  • ukulele97
    There is less need for upgrades due to the console orientated gaming market.
  • TidalWaveOne
    Hey, since you know what shipments are going to be in Q4 2012, please email me what the S&P 500 will be at in Q4 2012... and the years after. Thanks.
  • glarimore
    Every game you buy it tailored to be able to run on a 5-year-old console. No wonder people aren't buying new video cards.
  • wiyosaya
    It would be nice if this results in over supply and significantly lower prices. Well, one can hope anyway.