QOTD: Do You Put Brand Labels On Your PC?

I have a confession to make. You know those neat little system stickers that you get when buying a processor? I took one of those "Intel Inside" stickers that I got with my Pentium CPU and I stuck it on my Hewlett-Packard graphing calculator instead of on my PC case.

In my even younger years before I discovered chips and bits, I put a Transformers Autobot sticker on my first two-wheel bike. This bike also had streamers, so I guess in relative terms the Autobot sticker was pretty cool.

Either way, both instances were nerdy and inappropriate, but at the very least I'm not the full-grown owner of this scooter:


See even more pictures of this AMD Phenom and ATI-powered scooter at 8080.net.

This brings us to our QOTD: Have you ever inappropriately branded anything? It includes making something appear as something that it definitely isn't. Yes, it even includes putting an Apple sticker on your hackintosh, or putting a Type-R sticker on your Honda (which contrary to popular belief, does not add 5 hp).

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • aznguy0028
    OF COURSE! i thought everybody knew that each sticker you put on give you 200mhz extra cpu processing power!
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  • Kryan
    Sapphire sticker(s) on my bicycle...still, didn't stop it from being stolen :P

    oh and a mix of Intel and AMD CPU stickers on my chassis :P
  • dingumf
  • kittle
    I did once on the first PC i built. It eventually fell off, and I never missed it, so it stayed off.