AMD Launches 65W Triple-Cores this Week

According to our sources, AMD is expected to launch a number of Phenom X3 triple-core processors this week — even today. The new processors are based on AMD’s Toliman core which are all currently clocked at a maximum frequency of 2.4 GHz.

However, this week Tom’s Hardware is expecting a number of new Toliman processors to hit the streets that not only give a jump in clock frequency, but also reduction in power usage.

– Phenom X3 8750 (2.5 GHz/95W)
– Phenom X3 8550 (2.2 GHz/95W)
– Phenom X3 8450e (2.1 GHz/65W)

The current batches of Phenom X3 87xx, 86xx and 84xx processors are all 95W processors. With the new "e" designation, AMD is releasing new lower wattage CPUs. The Phenom X3 8450e is the first batch of 65W Phenom X3 processors and will be followed by the Phenom X3 8250e running at 1.9 GHz and consume 65W. The biggest feature of the Phenom X3 8750 will be that it’s an unlocked processor. Those in the overclocking crowd can give a nod to this.

AMD Phenom 8750 Toliman 2.4GHz, the fastest currently available processor gets a speed bump to 2.5 GHz but no reduction in power usage.

All Toliman cores are DDR2 based CPUs with 2 MB of L3 cache and 512 KB of L2 cache per core. With this week’s releases of Phenom X3, AMD rounds out its releases for September.

Coming in October however, AMD will be introducing a Phenom X3 8850 processor running at 2.5GHz but don’t jump on this one. We are told that in the December time frame, AMD will be releasing unlocked batches of the Phenom X3 8850 processors. The Phenom X3 8850 marks AMD’s final triple-core processor release until 2009, at which time AMD will be introducing its new Heka triple-core processor on the new AM3-socket platform supporting DDR3.

  • chaohsiangchen
    It's just as confusing as NVIDIA. First we have 8750 at 2.4GHz, now we will have 8750 at 2.5GHz. But, wait, there will be 8850 also at 2.5GHz! What's the difference between these 2.5GHz CPUs? We all know that the cache size will be all the same, so it's maybe 1800MHz vs 2000MHz HT? Never mind. The point is that if AMD wants to introduce new things, CHOOSE DIFFERENT NAMES.
  • nezuko
    What the hell is HECKA? another codename like toliman and Agena?
  • onearmedscissorb
    What confuses me the most is why the final 65nm tri-core still will not be even the same speed as the quad-cores are sold as, and why the Phenom dual-core is even lower.

    Undoubtedly, they want to push the quad cores, but it really raises questions about how they're making these things. I know nothing about it yet, but I have to wonder if the first Phenom-based dual-cores are another result of what birthed the tri-cores: a malfunctioning product of some other sort that is castrated and relabeled, with the underlying issue publicly avoided.

    I've been reading that the first Phenom dual-core will be labeled X2 6500+. And it's allegedly not faster than even the 6000+, though its name suggests its the successor to the 6400+. You're right chaohsiangchen, it is as confusing as Nvidia.

    And yes nezuko, you are correct. I believe it's spelled "Hekka," though, or at least, that's all I've ever seen before. Get ready to see a lot of those. There are already more variations of the 45nm Phenoms than I can count off hand.
  • goonting
    wait and see... i just hope i get more choices for a low power build... i still got eyes for AMD X2 4850e and 780G board.
  • LuckyRed
    Heka can refer to:

    1) Heka (god), the deification of magic in Egyptian mythology

    2) Lambda Orionis, a star in the constellation of Orion, also known by the traditional names "Meissa" and "Heka"
  • Pei-chen
    Another underwhelming product from AMD; just release the 3GHz 45nm 75W Phenom already.
  • So I guess "the market is demanding energy efficient tri-cores" now? Do we really need low end dual cores, low end tri-cores and low end quad cores, black edition versions of a bunch of these and the vanilla versions in 100MHz (
  • martel80
    cheap...Do we really need low end dual cores, low end tri-cores and low end quad cores...Low end quad cores are OK IMO, they encourage the global multicore adoption and multithreaded programming practice.
  • weinheimer
    If that 8750 will OC to 3.0 GHZ reliably and cost under $100 that will be an e7200 killer.

    I need to make a low cost htpc but want full Blu-Ray performance. Right now the e7200 will be the cpu unless something better comes along.
  • antilycus
    3 cores are going to present problems in OS's and Applications. But the benefit of these processors is you still get 64-bit processing, which Core2 doesnt support at all.