Turn a 3-Core AMD Phenom 2 into a 4-Core

We received word that a Korean hardware review site has managed to turn a triple-core Phenom II X3 710 into a 4 core CPU.

Apparently, the quick switcheroo requires a Biostar motherboard says the site, but customers boards that have the same BIOS options can try the same technique out. The BIOS option to enable the 4th core is called Advanced Clock Calibration, and when set to Auto, turns on the 4th core.

From our experience, when AMD or Intel ships a processor with a core disabled at manufacturing, it's because the disabled core isn't performing up to snuff with the other core(s). We'd be interested in knowing if users experience any bugs with the 4th core enabled.

The processor shows up with 4 cores in Windows, and according to benchmarks posted by the site, the 4th core had a real impact on scores. Those with 3-core Phenom II's, try this out!

(Images courtesy of: playwares.com)

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  • bustapr
    I first thought of gatting a budget core 2 quad but this really sounds like more bang for the buck. That is if it has minimal bugs.
  • kyeana
    hmm interesting. I wonder how that effects stability and overclocking?
  • scryer_360
    It worked! Just loaded a 710, and just like the article says, switching ACC to "Auto" on a biostar board now has me reading 4 cores on the bios loading screen.

    The thing is, in order to make the 3 core processor, AMD has to test a processor bad. With millions of the things running down the line, they are probably testing a few samples from a batch (this is industry practice right?). So if one is testing bad, they just take the whole batch down to three cores. That means others in a batch are still good. I wonder if the same isn't achievable with non-biostar boards?