AMD Preps Radeon Pro W6300 2GB GPU For Desktops

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AMD's Radeon RX 6400, based on a cut-down version of the Navi 24 graphics processing unit, is barely a good graphics board for gaming, which is why it never ended up in our list of the best graphics cards. Yet, it looks like something even slower is incoming as AMD's website now lists the Radeon Pro W6300, a low-end graphics solution for the Proviz market, which might precede the consumer-oriented Radeon RX 6300 with 768 stream processors and perhaps 2GB of memory with a 32-bit interface.

AMD's latest drivers for professional graphics cards support something called Radeon Pro W6300, as noticed by Komachi_Ensaka. Specifications of the part are unclear, but this is a graphics card for entry-level desktops used for professional visualization and therefore requires hardware and software certified by appropriate software developers.

Since AMD's professional graphics cards usually have similarly configured counterparts aimed at consumers, we might assume that AMD is also preparing Radeon RX 6300 designed for regular desktops. However, since we do not have specifications for the Radeon Pro W6300, we can only speculate about what to expect from a potential Radeon RX 6300. So, let's try.

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AMD formally positions its Radeon RX 6400 4GB and Radeon Pro W6400 4GB boards as entry-level discrete graphics offerings for OEMs. However, this did not stop some of the company's partners from making retail versions of the RX 6400 and selling them to those who could not find anything better for less than $200 with proper driver support. For those who want an ultra-cheap mobile discrete GPU, AMD offers its Radeon RX 6300M and Radeon Pro W6300M solutions powered by the Navi 24 XML GPU with 768 stream processors, 8MB of Infinity Cache (down from 16GB in case of Navi 24 XL/Radeon RX 6400), and 2GB of memory with a 32-bit interface.

Assuming that AMD will keep the specifications of its 6300M parts for the 6300 non-M parts, the Radeon Pro W6300 and Radeon RX 6300 will indeed feature a Navi 24 XL GPU with half of its Infinity Cache and equipped with 2GB of memory using a 32-bit interface. Of course, AMD might reduce the clock speeds of the Radeon Pro W6400 and Radeon RX 6400 and attach a new model number to it. Only time will tell.

We can only guess about the performance of AMD's Radeon Pro W6300 or Radeon RX 6300, but something tells us that you should not buy either of these boards for gaming.

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