Multicore CPUs in 45% Of Smartphones By 2015

The first dual-core processor phones are already on the way and it seems as if multicore phones will be about as common in 2015 as multicore PCs today.

Strategy Analytics estimates that 15% of all smartphone shipped this year will have a multicore processor. By 2015, the penetration will increase to 45% The most popular CPUs will be based on ARM Cortex-A9, A5 and A15 chips as well as Intel's x86 CPUs, Strategy Analytics predicts. “We estimate Samsung will lead the smartphone multi-core applications processor market in 2011, followed by Qualcomm, Nvidia, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments,” said Stuart Robinson, Director of the Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service. 

Plenty of dual-core smartphone have been announced already - the LG Optimus 2x, the Motorola Atrix and Bionic and there is good reason to believe that the iPhone will go dual-core this year as well. Let's also remember that Microsoft said that a 1 GHz single-core CPU is a minimum requirement for a Windows Phone 7 device, so there is incentive to move to multicore rather sooner than later.

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  • boiler1990
    45%? That's it? With the multi-cores coming out now (and 15% will be multi-core by the end of 2011), and contracts renewing somewhere between now and 2013, and then again by 2015, I think there'd be more than 45% out there.
  • rmmil978
    It would've been a lot more funny to make the phone in the picture a 1980's bag phone.
  • kcorp2003
    didn't they said by 2015 you going to get hologram phones?