Via announces PCI Express chipset K8T890 chipset for AMD processors

Taipei - Via announced the availability of the first PCI Express chipset for the Athlon 64 and Opteron, and upcoming Sempron platform. The K8T890 comes with asynchronous bus architecture, implementation of HyperTransport and single PCI Express x16 graphics support.

AMD buyers now have an option to upgrade or equip their new systems with PCI Express components. At least Via believes that many enthusiasts have delayed their upgrade decision due to the unavailability of such a solution: The K8T890 now offers the first opportunity to replace PCI and AGP buses.

The chipset's main features include connections to up to four PCI x1 peripherals, which extend to six, if the chipset is combined with the Southbridge VT8251, as well as support for single PCI Express x16 graphics. An asynchronous bus architecture allows easier tweaking of the CPU; the firm's Hyper8 technology provides an implementation of a HyperTransport link between the CPU and the chipset.

The VT8251 comes with four SATA ports, high definition audio as well as Via's Gigabit Ethernet support.

Via hopes that especially advanced users and owners of entry level servers will find the improvements serious enough to consider a purchase.