Antec's HCP 1300 Platinum PSU is Powerful

Antec has announced its highest-wattage power supply to date – the HCP 1300. This power supply is built to be the ultimate high-end gaming power supply, and comes with all the technologies we'd expect from such a unit.

For starters, the unit is 80 Plus Platinum certified. Efficiency levels tower as high as 94 percent. In addition, it has a silent 135 mm fan, as well as 'stealth-wires' for minimal wiring visibility.

12 V power is dealt with through four individual 12 V rails that can all operate at 100 percent capacity on a continuous basis. If more power is needed, the PSU has Antec's OC Link technology to allow two of these power supplies to operate together, doubling the effective power available to a single machine.

The HCP 1300 Platinum also comes with a fully modular cable design, and support for the upcoming 28-pin MBU connector for motherboards (to replace the 24-pin ATX connectors). Furthermore, it comes with wiring for a total of 10 PCIe power connectors, allowing for a heap of graphics cards to be installed.

Even the labeling on the unit itself is well planned, as Antec has clearly shown which of the pins on the 12 V modular plugs correspond to which rail, which if properly used will help you ensure that you won't overload a single rail, but rather spread out the load.

"Antec Power supplies have always been known for their high quality, functionality and reliability," says Jerome Francois, European Sales Director at Antec, Inc. "The Antec HCP-1300 Platinum PSUs are not only quieter and energy efficient, but also equipped to provide customers with enhanced flexibility and a complete modular cable design to ensure a rewarding, high-performance experience."

The unit should be arriving to shelves any day now, with street pricing hovering around the $300 mark.

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  • Murissokah
    A 1300 Watt PSU is powerful? Who would have thought.Also, I wish reviewers would elaborate more on efficiency. Way too many people buy power sources because of their magnificent maximum efficiency without regarding the actual load they will submit it to. At under 25% load, power supplies are a lot less efficient, and 1300 Watt PSU may end up operating in that region most of the time.
    I have an Antec 1000w in my build, if not I would be all over this. Antec makes excellent stuff and I have nothing but praise for them.
  • rad666
    Powerful power supply is powerful...