Apple Security is 10 Years Behind Microsoft, Says Kaspersky

Speaking at the Info Security 2012 conference, Kaspersky noted that Apple is "10 years behind Microsoft" as far as software security is concerned. This may come as a surprise to those who watched Apple's 2006 ad that claimed that there were 114,000 known viruses for Windows in 2005, "but not for Macs". It has always been one of Apple's most prominent claims of advantages over Windows that Microsoft-based PCs are just more vulnerable than Macs.

Of course, Apple may have to eat its words as the Apple platform gains popularity and turns into a much more attractive target for hackers. Kaspersky noted that his company is lately seeing an increase in malware: “Cyber criminals have now recognised that Mac is an interesting area,” Kaspersky was quoted in an article published by Forbes. “Now we have more, it’s not just Flashback or Flashfake. Welcome to Microsoft’s world, Mac. It’s full of malware.”

Apple has frequently been cricticized for its inconsistent and rather rare and secretive patch cycle, but Kaspersky believes that the company may be facing the same problems "Microsoft had ten or 12 years ago." He stated that Apple may will "have to make changes in terms of the cycle of updates and so on and will be forced to invest more into their security audits for the software.”

  • -Jackson
    So, am I the only one who burst out laughing when I saw the title?
    And people used to tell me how good Apple's security was.
    Time to gloat at all the Apple fanboys/girls :lol:
  • whysobluepandabear
    Well duh. We all know Apples low market share has been the gate keeping them safe.

    Why go for the crumbs, when going for the whole pie is so much more......appealing....
  • enforcer22
    i hope there is no one this surprises anywhere i would hate to think anyone is stupid enough to think macs were secure in anyway other then number of users and hackers not caring.
  • iceman1992
    well, duh
  • That's the difference between "safe" and "secure".

    Macs were never really secure, but they were safe for a time. Now they're neither. Pity.
  • alhanelem
    that picture of the apple logo being a toilet would be an awesome poster to hang on the outside of one of their apple stores.
  • -Jackson
    GHaagagagdThat's the difference between "safe" and "secure".Macs were never really secure, but they were safe for a time. Now they're neither. Pity.Not exactly, MS was the only reason why Apple weren't really targeted.
  • damianrobertjones
    Step 1: Create another user account (I'm assuming that you're using Vista/Windows 7), call it Security
    Step 2: Create a nice password. This will be an administrative account
    Step 3: Turn UAC up to the maximum
    Step 4: Change YOUR user account to a standard account.
    Step 5: Use your account day to day and when you need to change something you'll be prompted for the Security password.

    Step 1: Open IE9, click the cog and basically change your Privacy to medium high and change the Pop-up blocker from medium to high. No wonder people get pop-ups!
    Step 2: Disable ALL add-ins other than flash. ie9 will be faster.
    Step 3: Add this to your hosts file to protect your browsing, be it Opera, Firefox, ie9 etc.

    Security on Windows is EASY but you'll ALWAYS, always, alllwaysss get that user who'll click on the pop-up from that 'pron' web page.
  • chimera201
    -JacksonSo, am I the only one who burst out laughing when I saw the title?Nope.

    To Apple fanboys: Your system was secure because simply put: hackers weren't interested in your system.
  • molo9000
    This is just anti virus companies trying to sell their products.

    Only time will tell how secure or unsecure OS X is.