Arduino Powered Business Card Doubles as a Video Game Console

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Dylan Turner)

Don’t leave your next job fair without one of these clever ATtiny84A-based business cards created by Dylan Turner. Not only does it let the recipient know who Turner is and how to reach him, it also doubles as a working video game console.

Electronics based business cards are nothing new and we don’t expect anyone to actually use this as a business card (they add up to $15 a pop) but this is the form factor we’re dealing with: 3.5-inches x 2-inches. But the ability to add so much technology to this restrictive form factor is sheer brilliance. When showing off the new business card-sized console, Turner teased another prototype PCB, this one featuring Raspberry Pi Pico instead of this models Arduino compatible ATtiny84A.

The card is made from two major components: the console board and game cartridges. The system is designed to read cartridges so it doesn’t have to be flashed with a new image for every game. Just pop in a new cartridge and start playing.

The console board uses two buttons and a joystick with visuals outputting to a small OLED display. It only costs $1 to create a game cartridge but also a bit of time to program the game. If you want to take a closer look at the code, visit the project page at GitHub.

You can also see this card in action on Dylan Turner’s official YouTube channel. Be sure to follow him for more updates and future projects. As for us, we’re holding out for the Pico edition.

Ash Hill
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