Arduino IoT Cloud Remote Control for Your Maker Projects

Arduino IoT Cloud Remote Screenshots
(Image credit: Arduino)

Arduino today announced that their Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app is now available for free via the Google Play Store. A version for iOS devices was released via the App Store a few weeks ago. The Arduino ecosystem is a powerful platform for learning and invention thanks to its low cost and flexibility and this new app is an improved workflow for makers seeking remote control for their projects.

The Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app gives you with the ability to access, monitor or control your IoT projects regardless of the time or place.

Arduino Team Blog

The Arduino IoT Cloud Remote is free a companion app to their Arduino IoT Cloud, an online version of the Arduino IDE application. Projects in the Arduino IoT Cloud are called “things” and they represent the hardware and software used to build a project. By creating a dashboard for the “thing”, the project can be controlled via the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app, for example a robot controlled from your smartphone. Or the thing can send data, from your sensors directly to your smartphone. 

When it comes to maker projects, there are fans for both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The Arduino IoT Cloud sees a streamlined, cloud based workflow that offers a refreshing alternative for fans from both camps.

The Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app is available for Android devices via the Google Play Store and for iPhone via the App store.

Les Pounder

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