Argon 40 Releases Argon One M.2 Case for the Raspberry Pi

Argon One
(Image credit: Argon 40)

It's time to add some SSD storage to your Raspberry Pi and Argon 40's Argon One M.2 case is up to the task. The case is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4 and is similar (also cheaper) than the DeskPi Pro case we covered last week. 

This isn't the first Argon 40 case we've covered, the Argon Neo made its way to our Best Raspberry Pi Cases list. As of right now, the new Argon One M.2 case is available for pre-order.

Argon 40

(Image credit: Argon 40)

The Argon One case features two full-sized HDMI ports for dual display output. It also comes with built-in IR support. All of the ports are positioned on the rear side panel for simplicity.

The case is made from aluminum alloy, providing both passive cooling and active cooling through a 30mm fan. You can enable UASP support by using a dual-pronged USB 3.0 adapter—that's the strange USB dongle pictured above.

If you want to pre-order this case, you can visit the Argon 40 website. It's currently listed at $45 for the case alone.

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