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Intel H35

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Intel kicked off 2021 with a fresh lineup of mobile processors with a unique twist. The 11th Gen Tiger Lake H35-series processors aren’t just for any ol’ laptop. They target what Intel calls “ultraportable gaming laptops.” And at 3 p.m. ET today on The Tom’s Hardware Show, we’re sitting down with the chipmaker to learn more about what that means. 

The Tom’s Hardware Show livestream is every Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Today, Intel’s general manager of premium and gaming notebook segments, Fredrik Hamberger, will join Tom’s Hardware editors to give us an inside look at Intel’s H35 chips. 

You can watch today’s Tom’s Hardware show below at 3 p.m. ET:

You can also catch the show on Facebook and  the Tom’s Hardware Twitch channel. Every episode is also available to download as a podcast. 

And like with any episode of The Tom’s Hardware Show, we’ll be taking questions from the audience. Join the livestream at 3 p.m. ET to submit your questions via chat YouTube or Facebook, and we may discuss them on air.

Announced during CES 2021 in January, Intel’s H35 CPUs go up to four CPU cores, eight threads and a 35W TDP. The flagship Core i7-11375H Special Edition can hit a 5.0 single-core turbo frequency and has a standard base clock speed of 3.3 GHz at 35W (it drops to 3.0 GHz at 28W). 

Intel is positioning the H35 series as an option for the growing number of machines looking to compete with the best gaming laptops by including a discrete graphics cards while remaining portable. Our Asus TUF Dash F15 review showed what the quad-core Core i7-1130H can do alongside a mobile RTX 3070 graphics card in a 0.78-inch thick clamshell. 

Join Tom’s Hardware this afternoon to learn more and ask Intel your H35 queries. 

Scharon Harding

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  • JayNor
    Ask if there will be laptops with this chip that use lpddr5.
  • JayNor
    Ask if the 4 pcie4 lanes for these laptops are being used for faster storage or for faster GPU connections.
  • usiname
    Ask if for 300mhz(3.0 vs 3.3) they need to raise the consumption with 25%, then will it suck 80w for 4.3-4.4 all core boost.
  • waltc3
    Firm Ship date for volume launch?
  • Sippincider
    At what point will you consider the TDP of your chips to be too damned hot?