ASRock Brings Next-Gen Intel CPU Support to DeskMini Line

ASRock announced that it upgraded its DeskMini 110 mini-STX barebones PC and H110M-STX motherboard for Intel's next-gen Kaby Lake processors.

The DeskMini 110 was the first commercially available PC based on Intel's mini-STX form factor. Asrock designed it to offer better performance than products of a similar size by supporting socketed desktop CPUs instead of soldered ultra-low power or mobile chips. The 1.92L case is just large enough to hold a motherboard, Intel's stock cooler, and a couple of 2.5" storage drives, along with two M.2 slots--one for PCIe Gen 3 (x4) SSD and one for an M.2 Key E device.

The H110M-STX is the motherboard ASRock squeezed into the DeskMini 110's case. Asrock announced the motherboard in July--not long after the DeskMini 110 became available--and designed it to fit inside other mini-STX cases. (Even though very few of those were available this summer.)

Here's how ASRock explained the philosophy behind DeskMini 110 and H110M-STX in a press release:

Consumers nowadays are seeking for a speedier computing experience. A faster PC without a bulky design is a critical condition to meet today’s most demanding computing environment. Ultimately, the ASRock’s Mini-STX products provide tons of upgradeability options with a tiny and compact design that can satisfy your need perfectly.

Now both products will receive BIOS updates to support Intel LGA 1151 socket-based processors. Intel introduced the socket with Skylake, and the company will use it for the upcoming Kaby Lake processors as well. Those processors are supposed to be more power efficient, have higher clock rates, and boast more aggressive Turbo Boost frequencies than their predecessors do and are expected to start shipping sometime in January 2017.

ASRock upgraded its 100-series motherboards to support Kaby Lake in October. The company did not say when it would release the BIOS update for the DeskMini lineup, but when it is, you'll be able to download it right from the ASRock website.

Update, 11/15/16, 11:30am PT: Corrected two specifications.

Nathaniel Mott
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