Asus' Elusive Eee Keyboard Slips to April

We first caught sight of the Asus Eee Keyboard at CES, we were excited by the innovative new form factor. We knew it was a concept that was still months away, but we didn't expect it to be the victim of repeated delays that put it on the verge of vaporware.

Fortunately for Asus, journalists have gone hands on with prototypes and prerelease versions. The real question is when these will finally hit consumers. According to Engadget, the Eee Keyboard has been delayed once again, now holding an April release window.

Word of the new April release date came from Asus chairman Jonney Shih during a post-press event Q&A session. While the chairman has previously promised dates that have come and gone, hopefully this one will be the one to finally stick.

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  • kyeana
    Eee keyboard forever?
  • socrates047
    me want, when come out, dont really matter, not like me can afford.
  • steiner666
    well fortunately it's the dumbest product I've ever seen Asus create that's being continually delayed.

    More expensive than a netbook+wireless mouse/KB, AND with less functionality and portability? Wow, i'm sold! What's that? It's got an HDMI output, but not the system specs to even stream flash videos fullscreen or playback HD local files?? Nifty! Oh boy, where's the waiting list for this gem? I'm sure there's a huge amount of ppl that want to... type emails and word documents on their HDTV with this thing?