Asus Jumps On The Z370 Motherboard Train

Not one to be left out of a major motherboard launch, the folks at Asus announced new Z370 motherboards in the ROG, Strix, TUF, and Prime families.

In addition to support for Intel's 8th Generation Core i7 processors, these motherboards are equipped with a wide variety of features that, depending on your budget, intended use, and desired form factor, will most certainly meet your needs.

According to the company, these new Z370 based motherboards are designed with overclocking in mind. Depending on the motherboard, end users can choose between 5-Way Optimization or OC Tuner intelligence that automatically overclocks your system based on the type of CPU you currently have installed. Asus also stated that its Z370 motherboards are capable of memory overclocking up to DDR4-4000 speeds with all slots populated, and some are even capable of reaching DDR4-4333 and higher.

With the exception of the company's mini-ITX motherboard offering, these new Z370 motherboards all support multi-GPU configurations and SafeSlot reinforced PCI-E slot technology that prevents damage from moving a system with heavy graphics cards.

All Asus Z370 motherboards, regardless of family (ROG, TUF, Strix or Prime), are equipped with dual slots for NVMe SSDs. The included M.2 slots work with both standard SSDs and Intel Optane Memory. Asus has designed each motherboard in such a way that the M.2 slots are either covered by heatsinks or situated clear of potential hot spots. Some boards, like the Maximus X Apex and Hero, even have provisions to direct airflow over your drives.

All but one of the motherboards (the Strix Z370-G Gaming) support Aura Sync RGB LED lighting, which can display a range effects through the included Aura Lighting Control software. These motherboards also include a dedicated addressable RGB header that connects to compatible lighting strips, fans, coolers, and PC cases.

Information on pricing and availability is not available at this time.

X Apex
X Hero
Strix Z370-F GamingStrix Z370-I
Strix Z370-G Gaming
CPU8th Generation Intel Core Processors
ChipsetIntel Z370
MemoryDual Channel DDR4 Memory
Memory SpeedUp to 4,266MHzUp to 4,133MHzUp to 4,000MHzUp to 4,333MHzUp To 4,000Mhz
4 x16
2 x1
3 x16
3 x1
3 x16
4 x1
1 x162 x16
2 x1
Storage2 x M.2
2 x M.2
2 x M.2
2 x M.2
2 x M.2
LANIntel 1G
Aquantia 5G
Intel Gigabit LAN
WirelessN/A802.11ac WiFiN/A802.11ac WiFi
AudioSupremeFX S1220A
USB1 Type-C
1 Type-A
1 Type-A
2 Type-A
RGB4 Strip2 Strip
1 Address
1 AddressN/A
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  • MaCk0y
    Looks like only MSI implements IO cover on a mATX motherboard. :( Hopefully they will release one.
  • maximustrajan23
    what about that intel Optane Technology? do these motherboards support that as well, since its going to be a "thing" one day in the near future? thanks.. (Im a noob) sorry if noob behavior:)
  • samer.forums
    1303809 said:
    Looks like only MSI implements IO cover on a mATX motherboard. :( Hopefully they will release one.

    What do you mean by IO cover ?