Another Super-Thin Mechanical Keyboard Emerges: The Azio MK-C

It would appear that Tesoro has company in the (brand new) super-thin mechanical keyboard space: Azio also has a prototype, the MK-C, which is equipped with a low-profile Kailh Blue switch, although that’s subject to change.

Presumably, it’s this family of switches. If that’s the case, the total travel of the MK-C's switches is 3mm, with an actuation point of 1.5mm.

Azio claims the MK-C is the “world’s thinnest” mechanical keyboard at 0.5 inches, but Tesoro’s prototype with slim Gateron switches technically beats it at 0.47 inches (12mm). But hey, what’s 0.03 inches among friends.

The silver-colored aluminum chassis has black chiclet keycaps, which, impressively, are lit with RGB lighting. Azio said the keyboard has 10 RGB lighting modes. You can fiddle with the lighting modes via key commands; there isn’t any accompanying configuration software, at least not yet.

The MK-C offers n-key rollover, and it supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

It has a detachable microUSB cable, and there are microUSB ports on either side of the keyboard. In the provided images, it looks like there’s some kind of black background, but that’s not part of the keyboard--it’s just a leather carrying pouch.

For now, those are the few details we have. This is a prototype, though, so hard specs aren’t finalized yet anyway. It seems Azio is mostly testing the waters to see if consumers will wade in.

  • BulkZerker
    "the “world’s thinnest” mechanical keyboard"

    Waiting on apple to jump in on this.
  • derekullo
    If you pick it up with 1 hand from a long end, will it bend?

    And for that matter, will it blend?
  • jlake3
    Does anyone know how these compare to Cherry ML switches?

    I've got a G84-4100 and find it quite satisfying for a slim board, but as far as I can tell it was pretty much the only board to use them, and it's a compact and non-standard layout.
  • khindjal
    this looks like it could be my dream keyboard