Azio Is Now Shipping Its Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard

Indiegogo backers of the Bluetooth version of the Azio Retro Classic should be receiving their orders, and the keyboard is also now available for regular purchase.

The Azio Retro Classic keyboard was a spectacular oddity when it first materialized in mid-2017. Although Azio is an established peripherals OEM, it actually used Indiegogo to drum up hype for the niche product--fitting given that its handmade appearance more closely matches Indiegogo's "funding for the masses" perception.

The keyboard looks very steampunk, and that’s on purpose. The keys are circular to evoke the feeling of a typewriter, while materials like wood, leather, and metal complete complete the retro experience. The keyboard is thoroughly modern within, though. It uses Kaihua mechanical keys with per-key backlighting. Overall, we found it to be an excellent keyboard when we tested it.

The keyboard is available in a
wired and Bluetooth version. Although the wired version has been available and shipping for a while already, the Bluetooth version has only just begun. This version comes with a 6,000 mAh battery, which is good for one year of use, with backlighting off, or two months, with backlighting on. Charging happens through a USB-C port, which also allows the keyboard to be used in wired mode. Another feature specific to the Bluetooth version is the toggle switch to change between Windows and Mac layouts. There are both Windows and Mac layout keycaps included, too.

The Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth is available now, in four colors, on Azio’s website or on its Indiegogo page at $220.

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ProductAzio Retro Classic Bluetooth
TypeFull size
SwitchTypelit Mechanical Switches (made by Kaihua)-Type: Tactile, clicky-Actuation force: 50gf-Actuation point: 1.6mm (+/-0.5mm)-Total travel: 3.6mm (+/-0.3mm)
Sensing MethodConductive
MicrocontrollerHoltek HT68FB560
Onboard StorageUnknown
LightingWhite LEDs, adjustable brightness
Key Rollover6KRO
InterfaceUSB Type-C, Bluetooth
Additional PortsNone
Key CapsPlastic, non-traditional design
Dimensions147 x 455 x 40mm
ConstructionZinc aluminum alloy top panel, plastic bottom chassis
Misc.Windows, Windows + macOSHotkeysMac legend replacements6,000mAh rechargeable battery
  • gggplaya
    very steampunk
  • ianj14
    I have one of the copper/black bluetooth/USB keyboards, and very nice I find it too. However, it's not happy when using bluetooth with Linux (Mint). It doesn't work as a PC keyboard then, instead looking more like a Mac keyboard (but it's fine as a PC keyboard when plugged in via USB). I've emailed Azio regarding this, but have had no response as yet.