Watch Us Play The 'They Shall Not Pass' Expansion For 'Battlefield 1'

For this week’s Twitch livestream, we’re turning back the clock to World War I. The They Shall Not Pass expansion for Battlefield 1 was made available to all players for purchase this week, and we’re going to spend a few hours today with Battlefield 1’s first premium expansion.

In addition to four new maps, the expansion also includes a new game mode called Frontlines, which is a combination of the Conquest and Rush modes that already exist in the multiplayer gameplay. You’ll also be able to play with the Trench Raider, a new Elite Class, as well as new weapons and vehicles such as the Siege Howitzer, Assault Tank Gun, and Char 2C.

To help entice more players to buy the expansion, EA and DICE also revealed a new feature to the game this week called “Premium Friends.” If you own the game’s Premium Pass, you can invite friends who don’t own the pass to your party so they can try out the content without having to pay for it. However, there are a few caveats. Those playing the new content without the Premium Pass won’t earn any experience points (though you can get those hard-earned points back if you buy the pass in the future) and any progress towards a specific medal or codex won’t count. Premium Pass owners are also the only people in the party who can spawn weapons and vehicles unique to the expansion.

If the Premium Pass takes your fancy, it will cost you $50. However, you can buy the expansion by itself for $15. The Premium Friends feature is only around for the Battlefest event, which started earlier this week, as part of a test run. If it’s deemed a viable way to bridge the gap between Premium Pass owners and other players, it might come back in the future as a permanent fixture in the game.

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  • DookieDraws
    I wasn't able to watch. How'd the stream go? Did y'all have fun or what? :)
  • ubercake
    I used to love the Battlefield series... And then there was Battlefront - er, emm - Battlefield 1.
  • DookieDraws
    19511977 said:
    I used to love the Battlefield series... And then there was Battlefront - er, emm - Battlefield 1.

    Played all except for BF 2142. Played a lot of BF 1942, BF Vietnam, BF2, BF Play4Free, and only lil of BF 3 & BF4. I own BF1, but have only played about an hour of it. Looking forward to playing more soon. Just haven't had the time to really get into it.

    Also, I would love to see Dice remaster BF 1942 and BF2 with their current game engine.