Battlefield 3 Shows Up At GDC, Looks Great

Tuesday night, at the Game Developer's Conference of 2011, a select few members of the press were given a sneak peak at the highly anticipated Battlefield 3.

EA revealed a bit of the single player campaign along with an in depth analysis and preview of the game's incredible engine. The Frostbite Engine 2, unlike the console-limited engine of the CoD franchise, is designed for PCs which makes Battlefield 3 a force to be reckoned with. Look out Crysis.

Here's a snippet from PCGamer's coverage of the revealing:

The demo opened with a precis of the tech. Frostbite 2 uses animation systems developed for sports games to give characters heft and weight. As the soldiers turn into doorways, you can see the weight shift on their feet. The destructability of the old Frostbite engine has been ramped up; bullets can chip away at masonry and concrete, while full bore explosives can tear down entire buildings. And when buildings collapse, they don’t vanish in a cloud of smoke and magically transform into burning husks – the destruction is more complex – signage wobbles and shakes, concrete awnings tumble down. The sound is as violent and deafening as Bad Company 2; bullets echo and snap with nightmarish cracks.

But it’s the sheer visual quality that’s the real star. I think it’s down to the lighting – the bright sunshine of the Iraq level was extremely impressive. When the demo transitioned to the indoors, shafts of sunlight shone through any open windows, creating gorgeous pillars of dust. It absolutely looked a step ahead of last year’s big shooters.

And if the screenshots aren't enough to give you chills, check out some video of in-game footage:

Battlefield 3 Footage

Battlefield 3 comes out in the fall and if you ask us, not nearly soon enough.

Photos and Video: EA

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  • bdonedge
    Goodbye whatever social life I had..
  • speedemon
    Ok Windows Xp users, thats how much time you have to upgrade.
  • touchdowntexas13
    quixilver1Must download pre-release copy off of pirate bay. Stolen game of the year, definitely.

    Alright, so you are either kidding or trolling. In any case, we as pc gamers need to make a conscious effort to warn AGAINST piracy, especially for a game of this magnitude. We need to give developers the sense that pc gamers will NOT take advantage of their hard work. Pirating this game on PC would just be a slap in the face to the people that promise that it was developed FOR THE PC. If the game is as good as it looks, who cares if they make a ton of money off of it? I would rather a pc-first developer make a ton of money than a console-first developer.

    Also, I don't think anyone should be griping if this game is priced at $60. If this game lives up to the hype surrounding it, we as pc gamers should not complain about an extra $10. Plus, we are getting THE best version with THE most longevity. Why should we not pay at least as much as the console players who get the watered down version?

    Alright, rant-mode off :)
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  • bdonedge
    Goodbye whatever social life I had..
  • speedemon
    Ok Windows Xp users, thats how much time you have to upgrade.
  • jevon
    Can't wait, going to be epic with 64 players and all the good BF stuff they're bringing back!