Battlefield Hardline Goes Open Beta On PC

Looking to get an early taste of Battlefield: Hardline on the PC? You're in luck, as gamers can head here to get instant access to the beta. The actual game isn't due to hit the market until October 21, 2014, for Windows PC, the two PlayStation consoles and the two Xbox consoles.

In addition to getting early access to the upcoming shooter, gamers will also receive a few perks in return for participating in the beta. These include a weapon camo/skin, a weapon sight and additional Battlefield: Hardline content that will be added when the game ships in October. Meanwhile, players will also receive a unique dog tag in Battlefield 4, which will be provided next month.

But that's not all. Beta gamers who reach Rank 10 will receive a special Battlepack at launch. Also, those who enable Facebook sharing within the game will receive $1,000 in in-game cash to spend on additional weapons and other goods. Both rewards are actually open to PC gamers and PlayStation 4 owners.

Battlefield: Hardline ditches the military scenario seen in previous Battlefield games for a "cops and robbers" storyline that is similar to modern TV crime dramas. "In multiplayer, fans will feel the thrill of the heist or the satisfaction of the ultimate bust with new twists including new modes, weapons, vehicles and gadgets," reads the fact sheet.

We took Battlefield: Hardline for a short spin last week during E3. The press was given a chance to experience a new team deathmatch mode called Blood Money. The setting, called High Tension, was downtown Los Angeles, meaning there were lots of tall buildings for your sniper to claim. Essentially, each of the two teams guarded their vault full of money while also attempting to steal the enemy team's money, as well as the cash crammed into a standalone vault located in the middle of the map. The team with the most cash won.

Unfortunately, we couldn't test any other multiplayer modes, but Blood Money was enough for us to want more. Right now the beta still says "closed" as of this writing, but we were able to sign in and add the beta client to Origin, which you need to use in order to download the client.

Have fun!

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  • Amdlova
    another pay bugged game ever!
  • Advanced Micro Devices
    I think EA will never fix broken field 4! :(

    Hope Hardline will not be brokenfield hardline

  • icepick314
    I played couple hours on beta and it's NOTHING like cops vs robbers...

    you can't arrest, there's no planning, no difference in gameplay compared to Battlefield 3 and 4, and no different than any other twitch shooters...

    if you want to play as real robbers, go play Payday 2...awesome co-op game and you can go in shooting or for more reward, go full stealth
  • Urzu1000
    This is excellent news. Once this comes out in October, I'll begin looking to purchase Battlefield 4 for a sane price. After paying $110 for BF3, I've decided I'm better off staying one Battlefield game behind and saving myself the money.

    And why not? EA owns it. I'll never have to wait long as long as there's profit available for them to push out another sequel.
  • kyle382
    hardline goes open beta, and a great many zero <mod edit> were given
  • ubercake
    It's pretty enjoyable variation on a theme.

    The good thing is you know it will work at launch (to some degree) since it's simply a BF4 mod.
  • SinisterSalad
    It's okay, for a mod. The Battlefield series has officially gone the route of COD. Just rehashing the same old stuff and charging full price.
  • firefoxx04
    First Tom's said it's not on pc lol
  • bustapr
    leave it to EA and DICE to give the "beta" name to a game obviousy in "Alpha". that game is in such a buggy state that I dont even know how they dared to show it at e3 for people to play. open beta should be for fixing and testing a game thats near finished. Also dont like that EA is releasing a new battlefield already. I, like so many other people would have preffered to see the next battlefield at least in late 2015 featuring B Company.
  • ubercake
    13539511 said:
    It's okay, for a mod. The Battlefield series has officially gone the route of COD. Just rehashing the same old stuff and charging full price.

    Yeah... That full price thing is definitely a sore spot to me for something that's a mod. They want $70 for pre-order!?!?
    The good thing is I still have a lot to do in BF4 so I won't even be looking at buying another game until Hardline hits around the $25 mark.

    This game should run around $40 at most since I'm sure they'll want a premium buy-in of an additional $30-$40.