Trade Up iPhone 6 For BlackBerry Passport, Get $550

Editor's Note: These deals have all expired. Check out our current list of best black friday deals.

BlackBerry really wants your business, enough so that it's willing to offer a nice discount this holiday season to iPhone consumers who "trade up" for the BlackBerry Passport. The promotion begins December 1, 2014 and ends on February 13, 2015, and the catch is that customers must purchase the Passport smartphone first before getting the refund.

The trade-up promotion includes the iPhone 4S up to the iPhone 6. All iPhone trade-ups receive a BlackBerry "Top-Up" credit of $150; thus, if customers turn in their iPhone 6, they receive up to $400 for the phone and the $150 discount, totaling up to $550. The older iPhone 4S is worth up to $240, the iPhone 5 up to $300, the iPhone 5C up to $280, and the iPhone 5S up to $385.

According to the FAQ, the trade-in value is determined by the iPhone's condition. The phone must be fully functional and void of any liquid-based damage, the user lock must be disengaged and the "Find My iPhone" feature disabled. There also should not be any bleeding or cracks in the screen, and the phone must have a valid ESN, IMEI or MEID number.

Customers are required to purchase the BlackBerry Passport from the BlackBerry online store in Canada or the United States, or Amazon. Once the phone is purchased, customers pack the iPhone with a Passport's proof of purchase and ship them off to BlackBerry. Customers will get their money within six weeks after BlackBerry inspects the phone and proof of purchase.

"Individual consumers will be paid via a Visa Prepaid Card from MetaBank and mailed to the address you provided on your quote, 6 weeks after the Trade-in Center receives both eligible device(s) and a valid proof of purchase(s) and confirms your eligibility for the program," states the FAQ.

The BlackBerry Passport made its debut on September 24, 2014. The phone has an unusual form factor, measuring 5.04 inches high, 3.56 inches wide and 0.36 inches thin. The screen is 4.5 inches square (1440 x 1440) and resides above a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

The Passport's hardware includes a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.2 GHz, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot for up to 128 GB of extra storage. The phone also sports a 13 MP camera on the back, a 2 MP camera on the front, dual-band Wireless AC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC connectivity and a number of sensors.

In addition to the iPhone promo, BlackBerry is offering a Black Friday promotion. Starting now and lasting until Sunday, the company will knock off $200 when customers order the phone online. That's a huge savings considering that the phone originally costs $699.

For more information about BlackBerry's Trade-up promotion starting next month, head here.

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  • kawininjazx
    Who in their right mind would trade any phone for a Blackberry? The iphone 6 is in the top 5 of best phones available right now, why would you trade it for a useless device like this?

    I wonder if BB is going to resell the iphones on ebay, they actually might make some money after that.
  • red77star
    Blackberry is a company which started whole Smart phone business we have today and in my mind they still have the best phones.
  • jazzy663
    As much as I dislike Apple, I'd really have to like this new Blackberry before I traded a phone from a well-known, respected (semi) company for a phone from a company that's been all but dark for several years. I hope they get back on their feet though.
  • everlast66
    That's clever, they are stuck with tons of their own phones, that they can not shift, so instead of dumping them in sales for next to nothing, they are at least trying to get them in the hands of competitor customers.

    However, I am worried BlackBerry are following in Nokia steps, heading for the Elop treatment ...

    Stephen Elop CV
    Macromedia CEO $500k annual pay
    Microsoft Head of Business Division $1M annual pay
    Nokia CEO $6M lump sum + $1.4M annual pay
    Executing MS trojan takeover of Nokia PRICELESS!
  • Barantos1
    I am thinking of buying an iphone 6 just to trade it in as I am eligible for the 2yr discount but AT&T doesn't have passport yet.
  • Barantos1
    Kawiniajax I bet you read reviews on ign for games too.

    The only people who like the iphone are too dumb to know what they miss out on or are hipsters. No one, and I repeat no one who actually know about tech thinks Apple has good technology.
  • robochump
    Trade up....thats cute. Nearly as funny as what Barantos1 said, yeah Android is only phone for egg heads. Guess thats why iOS is so popular with Enterprises.
  • dstarr3
    When will Apple tards realize that the things they love are total shit.
  • SirKnobsworth
    The only people who like the iphone are too dumb to know what they miss out on or are hipsters

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that if Apple only wanted to market to idiots and hipsters, they wouldn't bother designing their own SoC with a custom microarchitecture...
  • thundervore
    Good luck with this Blackberry. Now they just reek of desperation.