Game Breaking Bug Already Spotted in Diablo 3

You’d think that after successfully launching a game that’s been hyped for well over a decade, Blizzard’s Diablo III team would be sitting back to relax. Apparently not. Every Diablo III developer I spoke to at the game’s launch party at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Blizzard’s home city said that they’d be right back at work the next day.

Between all the Error 37s I’ve encountered through the 15th and 16th, I can definitely see why. Blizzard’s got their work cut out for them. Diablo III players know what I’m talking about. For most of the first day of the launch, Diablo III servers were overloaded and under maintenance, much to the sorrow (and sometimes wrath) of gamers who had ditched work or school in order to play the game.

Despite those hoops and ladders to jump through in order to play Diablo III, gamers have other concerns to worry about when playing: game breaking bugs. The trigger for the bug is fairly easy to trigger too. After acquiring the Warrior companion, if Diablo III players decide to equip the NPC party member with a shield, they will be kicked off of the server with an Error 3006.

Blizzard’s already been made aware of the issue and actually has compiled an entire list of game breaking bugs on the community forums. It's currently in the process of addressing each of these bugs.

It’s sad to see a game that’s been so highly anticipated be plagued with such launch issues. Then again, at least it’s not Duke Nukem Forever.

  • hallowed_dragon
    Wow...what a game breaking bug /sarcasm.
  • wasteoftime
    This game is nothing but disappointment. Even when you can log on the graphics are terrible, they've (practically) eliminated character customization, and the lag is awful. If you're trying to play hardcore the lag is a huge disadvantage.

    Also, this is a game breaking bug. You are bound to try to give your NPC equipment, and when you do you get booted from the game entirely? With all the other problems it's ridiculous.
  • delaro
    Yeah sure looking like it was worth $60, glad I didn't waste my money on it.
  • lordcrazex
    "Then again, at least it’s not Duke Nukem Forever."

    well....not yet....
  • Nightsilver
  • Not that I'm not playing it, but it really seems just like a "repainted" version of DiabloII with somewhat better graphics and essentially all the same areas and mobs (at least in Act I and II). Lots of new stuff under the hood and there are bound to be bugs - I would like to see any of the whiners do better.
  • absorber
    Everyone's acting like 5 year olds yelling at blizzard for bugs and login problems. As Nightsilver rightly points out, it's been two days. I mean come on people, what would you expect? And a temporary bug preventing login isn't game-breaking, that's nonsense. I've played almost all of normal difficulty and it's a good game. Reviewers with more experience know this and have generally given it good press, deservedly so.
  • Fabel
    With all the negative comments everywhere I feel like I'm the only one enjoying it. Only lvl 26 barbarian and a couple tens but... I like it. I did not try to play al oo:oo on day one, but I've been playing a couple nights with no problems. Btw gave my follower a couple shields already...

    On the other hand I miss the DII necro... a lot. And at least at low level the Wizard sucks big time.
  • The bug only happened with one class, under specific circumstances. Also, I think it's already been patched, so your reporting on something 2 days old and already fixed.
  • Cy-Kill
    Funny thing, I've equiped the Templar with a magic spear & shield and I didn't get kicked off, no error showed up.