Paid Faction Change Now in WoW

Today Blizzard finally launched a service that allows World of Warcraft players to change their player faction. However, unlike most sex changes which can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, players wanting to "switch teams" will only need to shell out a whopping $30 USD before applicable taxes. This cost covers a single faction change for a single character.

This FAQ lists all the pluses and minuses of changing factions, including limits associated with amounts of gold, the character's new origin location, and restrictions of characters pending a name change or re-customization. Players can change their character's faction through the Account Management page; the interface also allows them to select a new race based on their class and new faction.

According to Blizzard, players will be charged immediately once the change is confirmed, and the process cannot be cancelled. Additionally, characters will not be able to revert back to their old faction after the change takes place. Blizzard also said that active mail and auction items will prevent a character from switching factions.

Unfortunately, players cannot use the new service to change a race of an existing faction. Blizzard states that a Race Change service will be available in the near future.

  • doomtomb
    To Blizzard, it's all about the money
  • fargom
    Here comes seven pages of "lols this company only wants ur money" posts.

    Can it, Blizzard is offering a new service, if you like the service buy it, if not who cares.

    Newsflash: American companies are about making money, Blizzard isn't a charity.
  • wicko
    Queue blizzard/wow fanboys defending Blizzard's money grab. Oops, looks like its already started!
  • Pei-chen
    Change faction as in Horde to Alliance?
  • brett1042002
    Queue witty comments that are not witty. Oops, looks like it already started! HAR HAR...
  • dextermat
    Lol all mmo are like that dude

    Lineage 2 is like that.... may even be worse than Wow
  • h83
    Man, Blizzard is milking their WoW players(idiots???) any way possible!!! I would expect that someone that pays a monthly fee to play a single game, would have some free goddies like free expansions, free factions changes, etc..., but no, they simply charge for everything!!!
    And people simply pay and continue to play, go figure...
  • Hellbound
    Theres nothing wrong with charging for a service. Why do people always want a handout?...gees.

    Yes, I play MMo's to, so I know what its like.
  • nekatreven
    unlike most sex changes which can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars

    Just keep saving buddy, you'll get there. :)

    Anyway, this is a rather interesting development. I think you guys saying that they are just another company doing business are wrong, and I'll tell you why.

    You couldn't change your faction before because the designers/developers thought that was what would be best for the game. Just like how in some games you can't switch which server you play on, or your weapons class, and as far as I know they all try to prevent cheating. In fact most all of the ways in which MMORPG games and their rules work are (usually) in the interest of great, fair gameplay. It is so obvious of a concept it is hard to even explain. There was, quite simply, a reason that it was the way it was before.

    Now, tell me why it has changed. Name a reason other than the money.

    If they're going to change the standards of what their game should or should not be SOLELY based on whether or not they can find a new revenue stream out of it, then they have turned into one of those game studios. I wouldn't be surprised if they change their stance on selling gold and try to make money off of that too.

    It isn't evil, it isn't is damn good business. (but they might as well just merge with EA and get it over with if that is the fortitude of their new "standards")
  • maigo
    just make a new char? wtf?