Boxed Version Of Core i9-10850K Points To Retail Availability

Intel Processor

Intel Processor (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Intel insists on keeping a tight lip about the Core i9-10850K (opens in new tab) even though the deca-core chip is evidently out there. A boxed version (BX8070110850K) of the processor (via @momomo_us (opens in new tab)) has appeared in various retailers overseas, implying that the Core i9-10850K could be available to the general public.

By now, the Core i9-10850K's specifications are pretty much out there. The processor is a slightly modified replica of the flagship Core i9-10900K (opens in new tab). It comes equipped with 10 cores, 20 threads and 20MB of L3 cache. The Core i9-10850K seemingly has a base clock that's 100 MHz lower than the Core i9-10900K while also lacking support for Intel's Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) feature. Therefore, the Core i9-10850K has a boost clock the reaches 5.2 GHz.

The TDP (thermal design power) rating for the Core i9-10850K remains a mystery to this day. For comparison, the Core i9-10900K plays within a 125W limit. It remains to be seen whether the 100 MHz slower base clock and lack of TVB on the Core i9-10850K will impact the processor's TDP.

The Core i9-10850K's other properties should mirror those of the Core i9-10900K. This means native support for DDR4-2933 memory modules, and the Intel UHD Graphics 630 engine is still present. On the expansion end, the processor provides 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

Intel Core i9-10850K (Image credit: LambdaTek)

Digital Storm, a custom PC builder based in the U.S., insinuated that the Core i9-10850K costs $42 less than (opens in new tab) the Core i9-10900K. If we use the latter's MSRP ($488 - $499) as a reference, the Core i9-10850K should end up selling between $446 or $447. Now that LambdaTek has also listed the processor, perhaps it can help us narrow down the potential price for the processor.

LambdaTek (opens in new tab) put up the Core i9-10850K with a price tag of £383.13 (~$482) excluding VAT (value-added tax). The Core i9-10900K is available for £449.54 (~$565) at LambdaTek, meaning it's approximately 17.2% more expensive than the Core i9-10850K. If we apply the same percentage to the Core i9-10900K's MSRP, the Core i9-10850K could debut between $416 and $426. 

The Core i9-10850K might look attractive with a sub-$430 price tag, but it wouldn't be a guaranteed hit, either. AMD's Ryzen 9 3900X (opens in new tab) currently retails for $429.99 (opens in new tab) and flexes two additional cores, not to mention support for PCIe 4.0.

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