Broadcom Prepares for Wi-Fi 6E With a Series of New Chipsets

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Broadcom announced a series of chipsets for the new Wi-Fi 6E extension of 802.11ax that introduces Wi-Fi for the 6GHz band, and claims it is the industry's most comprehensive Wi-Fi 6E portfolio.

Broadcom announced four chipsets for residential applications and four for the enterprise. The most powerful chips have support for 4x4 dual-band Wi-Fi with 160MHz channel support. There are also two 3x3 tri-band SKUs with 80MHz channels and a 2x2 SKU with Arm processor. The 6GHz band allows for a maximum of 1.2GHz channel bandwidth, which could be through seven 160MHz channels.

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Greg Fischer, senior vice president and general manager of the Broadband Carrier Access Products Division at Broadcom, said this about the chipsets in a statement:

"As momentum accelerates around availability of 6 GHz, Broadcom is excited to be on the forefront of Wi-Fi technology paving the way for ecosystem adoption of Wi-Fi 6E. With the industry's broadest portfolio of Wi-Fi 6E silicon, we will enable our customers to build a variety of products that unlock the tremendous potential of 6 GHz spectrum. This announcement demonstrates Broadcom’s continued leadership and unwavering commitment in driving the next Wi-Fi evolution for enterprise and residential WLAN as well as mobile devices."

Broadcom said it has already started sampling the chips. Wi-Fi 6E on 6GHz was announced last week and allows for 1.4Gbps at 7m with low latency.

(Image credit: Broadcom)