CES 2007: The Edge handheld - Not so true wireless Internet

Las Vegas (NV) - Every now and again we get to see a product being proudly displayed and trumpeted as the best thing since sliced bread when clearly it's not that great. Enter The Edge: True Wireless Internet, a device bearing no small similarity to a 1990's pocket organiser. On paper the device looks kind of interesting - access the net on the go, open email attachments like PDF's and Microsoft Office documents. The machine is claimed to be able to access any webpage within five to seven seconds, and it is not carrier specific. IM, computer remote control and email over a 128 bit encrypted network, not bad.

The rub? It costs $200 for you to simply get into the game and buy one, and then monthly pricing starts at $50 for a one year subscription. That's great fellas - and nothing my Palm, Blackberry or Blackjack can't do already for half the money. Sheesh, some people try to offload anything onto you.